7 easy beauty tips for new mums


Being well-groomed every single day is part of the job of being a beauty editor. So going from having all the time in the world to having, er, just about none to preen and primp was going to be heart-breaking. So before I had my baby last year, I had to learn some easy beauty tips quick smart.

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Here are my top seven beauty tips guaranteed to get you across the beauty line when time is 100% against you.

1.Employ a basic skin care routine

I’m big on cleansing, yes, I’m one of those double cleansing people! I swear my skin has never looked so good. But when bub arrived, double cleansing went out the window. Considering cleansing is the holy grail of skin care, I didn’t ditch it altogether, I simplified things. After wearing makeup or BB cream, I’d use a gentle cream cleanser to get rid of the grit, and on the other days, I’d only use wipes.

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2.Ditch blow-drying your hair

If I don’t blow-dry my hair it gets frizzy and just looks unkempt. So the times when I didn’t want to wear it back in a school-girl pony, I straightened it with a straightening brush instead of spending an hour (which I didn’t have) blow-drying my hair. Too easy!

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3.Create simple makeup looks

Getting ready with a baby in your arms is near impossible so instead of applying moisturiser and foundation, I used a BB cream that hydrated my skin and gave it some coverage. But I used it in one shade darker, to give my face a bit of colour when I didn’t have time to apply bronzer or fake tan. And instead of a lippie, blush, eye shadow combo, I used a pale pink lippie and applied it my lips, cheeks and eyelids. It brightened up my dull skin and saved me loads of time. But I never skipped mascara. When you’re looking bleary eyed, it opens up your eyes by giving them definition.

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4.Master an up do

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to wear your hair back almost the entire time you’re on mat leave. So instead of going for a complicated cut and style, I ditched the fringe and layers. That way I could easily throw it back into a top knot without having to use hairspray or bobbi pins to keep it in place. And since I went from washing my hair every second day (what a luxury) to once a week, I took a strong liking to dry shampoo. After spraying it onto your roots, the trick is to massage it in. That way the colour of the product dissipates and you get bonus volume.

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5.Invest in time-saving services

Smooth, hair-free skin makes me feel super well-groomed. In fact, it’s actually an important part of my self-care routine. But I knew that I wouldn’t have enough time in the day, or week for that matter, to either shave or wax my body. So I got my under arms, legs and bikini line all lasered. I only got three treatments so my hair still grows back but it’s super fine and it’s growth rate is super slow. Now I only have to shave once a week and it takes five minutes max.

6.Use two-in-one products

Instead of applying night-cream, I would apply a mask. Especially in the earlier months after my baby was born, and my skin was looking ultra dehydrated due to sleep deprivation. So a hydrating mask was definitely in order. And when I had to look semi presentable during the day but didn’t have the energy to apply makeup, I used a CC cream. It’s a moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen in one. Bril!

bh loves: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC CreamChi Chi Super CC Cream

7.Tame your brows on the fly

Brows have been on trend for several years now and it’s not stopping anytime soon. So to keep my brows from looking unruly without spending much time having to groom them, I used my daily lip balm to keep them in place. Using your pointer finger, dab a tiny bit onto them and smooth them up and out.

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What’s your new-mum beauty routine? Which products save you time?

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