OMG. Bub’s got the beauty bug

OMG. Bub’s got the beauty bug

I’ve just discovered my 8-month-old daughter sitting on the bathroom floor covered in as many creams, lotions and beauty potions as she could get her crafty little hands on. Yes, it could have been worse. Far worse. I could have chanced upon her slathering bathroom cleaner over her delicate skin. Nonetheless, I fear that after watching mummy dutifully practising her skincare regime in the bathroom, she’s caught the beauty bug.

The bug bit me at an early age too, and I’ve had a lifetime of hoarding my favourite fragrances, sought-after skin creams and can’t-live-without cosmetics. For my peachy-skinned poppet, I envisage a constant desire for the latest make-up must-haves, with Saturdays spent trawling department store cosmetic counters for the latest colours, and at least a couple of hours will be dedicated to dawdling over gorgeous GWPs.

Of course, the upside is that we’ll always have something in common – nothing can beat beauty bug bonding. Even when she’s feisty fifteen and can’t think of anything worse than to converse with her ancient mum, problem solved – I’ll lure her into talking by name-dropping the latest lust-have lippy or celebrity scent!  But best of all, I can’t wait until she reaches the age when she’s happy to do more than just grunt at me. Then we can share beauty tips, laugh at our beauty blunders and hit the stores in search of fabulous new beauty finds.

Thankfully this is one bug that can never be cured. 

Do you remember when you caught the beauty bug?

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