20 alternative uses for baby wipes


Show me a mother who doesn’t swear by baby wipes and I’ll show you a mermaid. As their name suggests, the nifty wipes are fantastic for parents, and now they’re great for you, too! Here are some of the many alternative ways to use baby wipes…

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Your new beauty buddy

  • All out of cleanser? Use baby wipes to remove your make-up – it works like a charm!
  • You know those annoying stains you get around your hairline and on your forehead when you do a DIY hair dye job? Yeah, baby wipes will get rid of them.
  • When your polish goes beyond the nail bed, use a wipe to fix any mani mistakes. And if your little one wants to paint your nails, definitely keep a pack close by.
  • Beat static and frizz and nix crazy flyaways with a quick once-over of a baby wipe.
  • Went a little overboard with the fake tan? Quickly wipe away excess colour. Crisis averted.
  • Let us know how you go with this one: Curl your hair around a wipe and tie in a knot. Allow your tresses to dry overnight and wake up to set curls!
  • Get a little too much sun at the beach? Temporarily cool sunburn by gently patting the inflamed area with a baby wipe.
  •  Keep them in the fridge to refresh your face or bod after a workout or hot day.

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Clean anything and everything

  • Apparently, over 75 percent of us have used a baby wipe in lieu of trusty toilet paper. Just be sure to use a sensitive one, and keep in mind they shouldn’t be flushed, either.
  •  Use a baby wipe to freshen up ‘down there’ if and when you feel the need.
  • If your kids come home with sticky fingers and faces or dirty feet post-playdate, clean them up with just the swipe of a wipe.
  • Why does foundation get everywhere when you’re driving? Steering wheel, volume button, sun visor, door handle… Stash a pack in the glovebox for these precise moments.
  • White deodorant stains on clothing? Not any more!

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Oh-so-handy around the home

  • Use a wipe to clean your phone, computer, keyboard, TV screen, iPad, CDs, DVDs and sunglasses (or anything similar). They’re soft and won’t damage the screens, but will wipe away those pesky fingerprints.
  • Make your leather shoes shine with the help of baby wipes.
  • Erase words from whiteboard and chalkboards and start fresh.
  • Give shaggy pets a daily rubdown with a wipe or two to remove excess hair (and keep it off the rugs and furniture).
  • Quickly and effectively clean your leather lounge.
  • Wipe down the leaves of houseplants to remove dust and bring back that healthy sheen.
  • Hate licking envelopes? Who doesn’t?! Moisten the glue with a wipe and seal.

How do you use baby wipes? Where do you keep your wipes stashed?

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