Zoë Foster Blake’s Makeup Artist Takes Us Through Her ‘Snatched’ Logies Glam

Zoë Foster Blake’s Makeup Artist Takes Us Through Her ‘Snatched’ Logies Glam

After a two-year hiatus, the Logies were back with a bang. And although Hamish Blake became the ‘official’ man of the evening (taking home the Gold Logie), it was Zoë Foster Blake’s rose-hued, dominatrix-style glam that captured our attention. In what can only be described as the Go-To founder’s best look yet, we spoke with her incredibly talented makeup artist, Heidi Scarlett King (who also brought us Zoe’s AACTA ‘60s-inspired look) on the process behind creating the look. Plus, the key products she used to bring it to life.

The lowdown on Zoë Foster Blake’s Logies makeup 

As with all great creations, the concept for this look wasn’t born overnight. “This look took a couple of months in the making, a lot of back and forth and umming and ahhing,” Heidi tells us. However, the inspiration was clear: Zoë’s stunning dusty pink and lace Gucci dress.


The advantage of working with the founder of a skin care empire? You’re going to get a very well-prepped base. “[Zoë’s] skin was really juicy and plump before I even got there,” Heidi explained, crediting Zoë’s use of a Transformazing Sheet Mask ($11, Go-To Skincare) plus, a light pressing of Face Hero ($45, Go-To Skincare)  into her skin only an hour before the makeup began. The result? Bounce, baby!


Red carpet events require enough makeup to keep you camera-ready over the course of a long night, yet Heidi was adamant that Zoë’s skin was to remain “looking super real”. Her secret to finding this balance? Light layering, but lots of it. 

“[To ensure a flawless application], I used a multitude of primers in different areas of the face,” explained Heidi. The Smashbox Photo Finish Control Mattifying Primer ($58, MECCA) was used across the front plane “where the light bounces”, with its silky, silicone-based formula working to “hydrate but also perfectly fill in fine lines and any holes through the skin.” 

To enhance the outer perimeters of the face, cheekbones, chin and a “tiny bit on the nose”, Heidi went in with Dior’s Face And Body Primer ($66, Sephora) to keep things light and luminous. 

The Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation ($114, MECCA) was applied “really slowly in lots of light layers with lots of buffing,” followed with a “tiny bit” of the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($44, Sephora) used “just where needed – not too much”. This was followed with a gentle contour using the Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick ($77, MECCA) to finish off the base.


Part of the dream team glam squad included hair stylist Heath Massi, who was the master behind Zoë’s snatched high pony. Once the ponytail was set, Heidi was able to use the elongated and tightly-pulled back facial structure to create the perfect feline eye shape, which she described as an “insane super vertical eye”. 

Henri Massi, Zoë Foster Blake and Heidi Scarlett King

“Beautiful musky, sheer rose tones were used to reflect the pink in Zoë’s dress,” explains Heidi.  And much to our surprise, she didn’t use a single eyeshadow in the process. 

“For most of my looks I avoid eyeshadow and powder,” she says. “Unless someone’s oily, I tend to stick to cream colours.” 

For Zoë’s look, Heidi created a customised shade using a mix of lip colours, which she then washed over her eyelids. “I [then] added a halo of the Stila Glisten and Glow Liquid Eyeshaow ($36, MECCA) in the shade ‘Rio’ across the orbital bone, so [that] when she blinked you could see this reflection.” 

 Heidi also applied a dab of the MECCA Cosmetica Enlightened Illuminating Balm ($34, MECCA) to highlight the inner corners and “then added the lip paint under [her] eye and tightlined the top”. 

She finished with some mink lashes and lots of the NARS Climax Extreme Mascara ($37, MECCA) to “make the lashes really chunky”. 

As for the brows, Heidi used the Westbarn And Co Liquid Brow Pen ($27.35, Westbarn And Co). Despite being an overseas company, they do ship to Australia – phew.


The Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit ($46, MECCA) in the Shade ‘Candy K’ (which looks as though it’s been designed specifically to match Zoë’s dress), was used to create a full coverage, matte lip. 

You can bet we will be recreating this entire look the first chance we get.

Main image credit: @heidiscarlettkingmakeup

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  1. I liked her hair & makeup, but the dress with the gloves was a no for me. I’ve had both the NARS mascara + the Westman Atelier contour stick used on me & liked the effects of both (bought the mascara in the red version, holding out for the contour stick as its exxy).

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