Zoë Foster Blake’s new skin care line


Zoë Foster Blake has tested around 36,428 products during her years as beauty editor at some of Australia’s top magazines and digital publications.

She’s also written a rather lengthy beauty book – Amazing Face – which contains almost every single beauty tip and tricks she’s learnt on the job.

So, just like any other clever and aptly informed beauty guru would do, Zoë is now launching her own skin care line called Go-To.

Zoë Foster Blake recently shared this image of her
new product Lips! on
Go-To’s Instagram account.

Zoë says the range will consist of simple, reliable, “go-to” everyday products, none of which contain any known skin ‘nasties’ or will ever be tested on animals. Brilliant.

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until April 1 to actually purchase her Go-To range, but Zoë does assure us that the products will work, that they will slot easily into your skin care regimen without overwhelming you, and that they will give your skin exactly what it needs to remain radiant and healthy. Thanks, Zo. Now, only 33 more days to go…

Are you excited about Zoë Foster Blake’s new skin care line, Go-To? What products do you think will be in the range?

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