Tips on wearing runway make-up IRL


shu uemura International Chief Make-up Artist Yuji Asano was recently in town for the David Jones Spring/Summer 2015 show, and we jumped at the chance to chat to him. Along with talking about the make-up looks he was going to create for the runway, he dropped some handy hints on how to make runway beauty looks more wearable for everyday, and the products you’d need to nail that ‘no make-up’ make-up look.

How to runway make-up more wearable

While the David Jones make-up looks are actually incredibly wearable for the everyday woman (praise the bold brows!), not all runway looks are. Yuji’s suggestion is to choose just one aspect from a particular runway look, and focus on recreating that. So if you love the flushed finish, copy the cheek colour. If you really like the dewy texture of the skin, then use skincare and foundation/priming products that will help you to achieve that. And if it’s the smoky eye that caught your attention, then focus on your lids and brows. Drawing inspiration from a runway look doesn’t mean copying it completely – just the parts you really like!

Match your beauty look to your day

When I asked Yuji if you should pay the most attention to your brows if you’re short on time, he had a pretty interesting response. He said it depends on what kind of persona you want to portray. If you want to come across as strong, bold, and confident, then focus on the eyebrows. So, if you’re heading to a meeting or interview where you want to make a lasting impression, opt for a bolder brow. But if you’re just meeting your boyfriend, or going out for lunch with the girls, go for a low-key look instead, and concentrate on amping up the colour on your cheeks.

The essential products for ‘no make-up’ make-up

One of the biggest beauty trends of the last year is the ‘I woke up like this’ make-up look, and with the right products, you can nail it daily. Yuji says it starts with your skin. To achieve the natural look, you don’t want your skin to look too matte, but you also don’t want it to look too shiny. He suggests pairing the shu uemura Glow Creator Glow Boosting Cream with the Illuminating Lightbulb Foundation.

bh tip: If you tend to get quite oily, use a oil-absorbing powder or primer on the offending areas.

For a spring-ready look, Yuji recommends following up your foundation with a cheek and lip tint. The shu uemura Haute Street Tinted Gelato can be applied with a bulbous sponge onto the cheeks for a barely-there flushed finish – just make sure to gently pat it into your skin. Then, apply a touch on your lips for a hint of colour and shine.

As for your eyes, groom and fill in your brows so they look natural. He recommends the shu uemura Brow Ink, as the fine tip helps to create a stroke that looks like a brow hair, plus the colour will stay put, but if you want to use eyeshadow, keep it subtle and opt for a soft, neutral shade.

Do you ever draw inspiration from runway beauty looks? Would you recreate the above beauty looks?

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