How to use Touche Éclat according to a YSL makeup artist

How to use Touche Éclat according to a YSL makeup artist

Touche Éclat is one of the most iconic makeup products of all time. Yves Saint Laurent hit the jackpot when it launched its ‘touch of light’ back in 1992, and almost three decades later we’re still obsessed.

Every beauty buff has tried the magic wand at least once (if not already an everyday staple) and while there’s no right our wrong way to use any makeup product, we recently chatted to YSL’s Director of Artistry, Ross Andrewartha, who enlightened us on how the product is actually intended to be used.

And let’s just say, our world (and makeup routines) were shook.

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Touche Éclat is an illuminator, not a concealer

Hands up if you’ve been using Touche Éclat to hide your dark under eye circles? Same. But while applying it to that area isn’t incorrect, it’s the wrong objective.

Touche Éclat was never built to be colour corrective, she was created to add luminosity to the skin,” says Ross. “She’s your illuminator, she’s here to bring light to the face. You would use her under the eye, but she’s not your concealer.”

Ross says if you feel like you need concealer, you should apply it first and then go in with Touche Éclat afterwards. “Light brings things forward and dark pushes things back”, he says, so it’s not the product to use for ‘hiding’ things such as dark circles or blemishes.

Lessons learnt? Touche Éclat is going to draw attention to an area, not camouflage it. Oh, and she’s female.

How to use Touche Éclat

Touche Éclat was intended to be used as the ‘final touch’ of any makeup look. “To me, it’s like putting your shoes on, that final step,” says Ross. “I would do your foundation, add your bronzer, set your powder, and then go in with the magic touch of light.”

As for where to apply it, Ross says he uses it from ‘the outside in’. “I go right from the temple, and then work it in [towards the under eye] to help really lift the face.”

“I apply it straight from the wand to the skin and then blend with a finger or brush unless it’s a full coverage foundation.” 

Why? “A lot of full coverage foundations these days are self-setting formulas,” says Ross “So sometimes if you stripe straight on top of it, the self-setting formulations try to ‘set’ Touche Éclat, so then when you try to buff her in, it sometimes creates lines and streaks.”

If you do like using a full coverage foundation, Ross recommends putting Touche Éclat  “on the back of your hand [first] and then use a nice light, fluffy brush to massage it and diffuse it, so it melts beautifully into the skin.”

bh recommends: QVS Blending Brush and Nude By Nature Blending Brush.

Want coverage? That’s where the latest version of Touche Éclat comes in…

In case you missed it, Touche Éclat gained a full coverage sibling last year. And this one is formulated to be used like a concealer.

YSL Touche Éclat High Cover “has more of an impact and the tone overall has a more peachy tone to it, so it’s there to colour correct,” says Ross. “It is for under the eyes.” You can spot the difference in the packaging, with High Coverage sporting a sleek black label down the centre of the wand.

Available in 16 shades, Ross particularly raves about the product’s deeper tones.  “Colours nine and up are divine, not saying the ones below aren’t, but the deeper tones in this product are really beautiful.”

To use it, Ross employs the same method as the original Touche Éclat (straight to the skin, or back of the hand for full coverage foundations) and uses High Coverage to target areas ‘where your foundation can’t do the work.’ ie. dark circles and blemishes.

So if you’ve found the OG doesn’t quite satisfy (or it’s not what you thought it was), perhaps the full coverage version will take you fancy…

And hey, if you like using Touche Éclat as a concealer no matter what anyone says, who are we to argue?

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Have you used Touche Éclat before? How do you like to use it?

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