Your top beauty tips

Your top beauty tips

Check out these gems of beauty genius from other beautyheaven readers:

Apply soothing anti-redness eye drops to your brow area after waxing. It works.

–    Katrina Kendell, SA

For a handy hair cure, try coating your hair in vegetable oil before wrapping it in a towel. The oil will do the same job as a store-bought treatment and give you shiny, moisturised hair

–    Christine Leyvraz, SA

For a quick (and lazy!) eyelash curl, apply your mascara and, while it’s still wet, press the tops of your index fingers under your lashes,pushing them up. Hold for about 10 seconds and release. The mascara will hold the curve for you!

–    Kate Ryan, QLD

Bend over as if touching your toes, then massage in your facial moisturiser -you’ll increase the circulation to your skin and get a wonderful glow.

–    Elizabeth Gyler, TAS

One thing I always find handy is carrying moisturising cream or Vaseline in my hand bag – both are very versatile products. Whenever I have little fly aways after my hair’s straightened or when my hair gets really boofy when its natural (and this works for anyone because I have Whoopi Goldberg type hair) I just rub some in between my palms and slap it on my hair. Voila! Problem solved.

                                                                     –  Breana Towers, VIC

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