You share: beauty bible

You share: beauty bible

Time-consuming treatments, lengthy lip-looks topped with slow and steady straightening are enough to make a girl go gaga, especially the lazy lous among us.
The time has come to pick many a beauty brain and deliver a truly bursting bible, complete with the crème de la crème of commands (beauty that is) that a lazy girl ought to have down-pat. We called upon some of our marvellous members to spill their secrets so that we can all look forward to an effortlessly stunning summer!


Open wide
“When you’re after a wide-eyed effect with your mascara, only apply it to your top lashes, making sure you accentuate the outer corners, it will really open up your eyes and make them look bigger and more alert.” – FiFi73

“If you’ve had a late one the night before, dust some light or white eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes – makes your eyes look more awake instantly.” – ibutler

No more Rudolph
“Sometimes I get a red nose (sunburn/windburn/emotional upset) and it’s ugly because it really stands out! But I’ve found that a little dusting of green mineral powder over my nose instantly makes all redness disappear! I LOVE this little trick because I hate having a red nose – it’s so ugly!” – softness

For an Angelina-esque pout
“For a pouty lip, dab a tiny bit of shimmer powder (gold or bronze) on the lipstick at the centre of the lower lip and apply lip gloss. It gives the illusion of a fuller lip.” – Delicious Girl

Brow wow
“Gel eyebrows in shape before plucking, that way you get the effect you want.” – beauty_muskin69

“Fill a cleaned out mascara tube with hairspray and use it to keep your brows tame.” – melmeko

Rosey posey
“Instead of just applying blush and bronzer to my cheeks, I also apply it to my temples, nose, undersides of my jaw line and on each side of my forehead along the hairline, it gives a nice contoured effect.” – melmeko

Flawless flutter
“Press a small piece of card against your eyelid, behind your eyelashes and apply mascara. This helps to get mascara right to the root without smudging your eyelid! Takes a tiny bit of practice but it works a treat.” – Psychadelle

“I use Vaseline on my lashes and my eye brows, it works wonders. I have an old wand that I’ve washed and I put a small amount of Vaseline between two fingers rub them together then over the wand, I have dark lashes but love the glossy groomed look it gives me.” – pepsi

 “For lovely thick lashes, I’ve discovered that applying mascara above the lashes, as well as underneath, gives plenty of volume.” – scentsation

“A good technique to get their full effect or splayed-out effect is to comb the lashes on the inner corner of the eye towards the bridge of the nose, the lashes in the centre of the eye straight forward and the lashes on the outer corner of the eye towards the temple.” – captaincheeky

“Heat a spoon to curl eyelashes: heat the spoon with a hair dryer, not long (8-10 secs), check it’s not too hot and hold the curved part against your lashes.” – passion4products

Daily scrub
“Use your favourite cleanser and add some granulated sugar – it makes a GREAT exfoliator.” – melmeko

Wake up your make-up
“If your foundation is looking a little dull or dry and chalky then rub some moisturiser onto you palms, an illuminating one like Clarins Beauty Flash or one that is lightly tinted is best, and press gently all over your face. It adds some much needed moisture, perks up your foundation and leaves you with a nice glow.” – Stay C

Primer power
“If you use mineral make-up foundation and you don’t have a primer powder use your finishing powder and apply it under your foundation with a sponge. Most finishing powders use the same ingredients and they do the same thing.” – Makeupmad

Settle that angry blemish
“Visine eye drops can be applied to reduce theredness of blemishes before applying concealer.” – melmeko

Sharpening for dummies
“Before sharpening your make-up pencils, place them in the fridge as they will sharpen easier.” – Beauty Bee

Ready, set, go!
“If you hate make-up smudging, close your eyes and from a distance spray a light amount of hairspray to have it stay in place for a couple of extra hours.” – hotpink1986

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