Yellow fever

Yellow fever

Loyal readers amongst you may remember that not so long ago I was on a fanatical quest to find the perfect yellow polish – Bloom Nail Polish in Daisy took the title – but now I’m tracking down an eyeshadow to match. (Not to be worn together silly – dove grey is my new nail crush.)

It all started with a quick squiz around the MAC counter one Sunday. I was bowled over by how well the girls carried off MAC Style Warrior Eye Shadow in Bright Future. I mean it’s fluky, it should’ve looked so wrong, it’s a pearly bright yellow for goodness sake, yet they all looked amazing. Pale, dark, blonde, brunette – it suited everyone.

A little bit mod, a little bit ‘80s punk and not in the slightest mellow, the yellow lid look has found itself a fan in yours truly so I’m urging you all to jump on the yellow bandwagon / submarine with these bright beauties…

MAC Style Warrior Eye Shadow in Bright Future – my original yellow love but it is limited edition so be quick. Inside you’ll find the bright yellow shadow, outside, it’s all embellished bronze and silver packaging. Divine.

NARS Eyeshadow in Night Sun – NARS Eyeshadow is a staple of the international catwalks. I’m also partial to a long-wearing shade or two. This marigold is flecked with gold making for some show-stopping peepers.

Make Up Store Cybershadow in Ra – this highly pigmented shadow is hard pressed and therefore has a more creamy consistency. It contains pearl shell adding a more lustrous luminosity to the bold, bright and jazzy yellow.

If you’re still a little hesitant or your mum / boyfriend / the sensible side of your brain is saying ‘No!’ to the above shades, then play it safe with CoverGirl 4 Kit Eye Enhancers Tropical Fusion – the lemon-gold shadow can be used to open tired eyes; simply apply a sideways ‘v’ to your inner eye (right near your nose / eye socket) and voila, instantly bigger, brighter eyes.

What do you think of yellow eyeshadow? Is it something that you’d ever wear or do you think it’s purely for high fashion?

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