How To Minimise The Appearance Of Mouth Wrinkles

How To Minimise The Appearance Of Mouth Wrinkles

At bh, we think wrinkles are pretty great. Yep, even mouth wrinkles. If you ask us, the more you have, the more fun you’re probably having. And we’d rather our mouths look a little more lined than give up laughter any day.

But if you’re finding it hard to keep your makeup out of your mouth creases, or are after a way to plump and smooth the area around your pout, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what the experts have to say…

What causes wrinkles around the mouth?

It seems mouth wrinkles are just another fact of life and getting older, according to Dr Josh Wall, Medical Director at Contour Clinics

“Drooping of the corners of the mouth and increased prominence of the nasolabial folds (the folds between mouth and nose) can be caused by a loss of facial volume and facial fat pads as we age”, he says.

However, some mouth lines can also be accentuated by lifestyle choices, “vertical lines above the lip are often referred to as ‘smokers lines’ and skin quality around the mouth can also deteriorate due to overexposure to the sun.” 

Can wrinkles around the mouth be prevented?

Like all things to do with the skin and ageing, the best preventative is a good routine and a healthy lifestyle (we know, broken record). 

“A good cosmeceutical skincare routine is essential in any preventative strategy and it’s particularly important that this includes an SPF 50+ daily sunscreen”, says Dr Josh. 

“In regards to preventative cosmetic treatments, you should aim for treatments that stimulate collagen. These options include fractional laser, skin needling, radiofrequency skin renewal, and LED light therapy, among many others.”

Makeup tricks to try

When it came to the guidance of makeup artists, there were two pieces of golden advice for stopping foundation from settling into smile lines. 1. Less is more. 2. Skin prep is key.

“Adding too much product will only emphasise the lines, so use a light hand”, says Marnie Avagiannis.

Ocea McKenzie, MAC’s National Educational Manager, seconds this and suggests using small fluffy brushes when applying your foundation and concealer in this area to keep it controlled. 

But perhaps the best hack we’ve heard is from Caroline Barnes, UK ambassador for Max Factor. She says to extend the use of your light-reflecting concealer (usually applied under the eyes) to your nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the lips). “As your face loses volume, these lines deepen and create shadows, so add light to the shadow.” Try: Max Factor Radiant Lift Concealer ($13.95 at Big W).

For the lips themselves, Ocea says to  “use a good primer to smooth the skin and blank out the lip colour with a hint of concealer to start with.” Her top pick for the final lip colour? The MAC Love Me Lipstick nude shades ($33 at Myer) – “the soft hues complement different skin tones and feel light and airy.”

Treatments for a more ‘permanent’ fix

If you think concealer tricks just won’t cut it, there are treatments available to help minimise wrinkles around the mouth. Dr Josh talks us through a few options…


To target: Nasolabial folds

“Threadlifting is my favourite treatment. It lasts for two years and improves the contour of the cheeks without adding to lower face heaviness.” 

Ablative laser

To target: Smokers lines

“This is a good option as there is no downtime relative to laser. Treatments can also include botox and fillers.” 

Collagen Induction Therapy

To target: General mouth skin quality

If you’re looking for an all-over mouth plump and smooth, Dr Josh says, “collagen induction therapy such as fractional laser, collagen-stimulating injections or skin needling” is best.

More information on the treatments can be found at Contour Clinics.

What are your best lip care tips?

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  1. In the last few years I’ve invested in a powerpacked night balm – the Clinique treatment one and it doesn’t have spf so I just use it every single night – oh and it’s packaging (silver) is classic and beautiful and looks fantastic on my bedside table! Trouble is it doesn’t last a long time as I’m find with a lot of clinique products.

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