The worst beauty advice ever


There’s nothing we love more at beautyheaven than a good beauty tip and recently we shared our favourites with you all. But amongst all the quality advice, we’ve definitely heard (and tried) our fair share of not-so-great ‘tricks’ and let’s just say the results were less than desirable… So to ensure you don’t follow in our mistaken footsteps, the bh team along with our members share the worst beauty advice they’ve ever heard, to save you from ever falling victim to the same tips.

“I once heard that petroleum jelly makes your eyelashes grow faster and thicker. So over the course of five days, I went ahead and used half a tub of it, applying it to my lashes for several hours at a time. All it did was irritate my eyes.” – bh’s Vanessa

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“Back in the day, I was told I should exfoliate every day. So I did. This was when exfoliating creams had what seemed like entire apricot stones in them (harsh) and subsequently I broke all the capillaries around my nose. Not a good look.” – bh’s Di

bh tip: Depending on your skin type, most dermatologists recommend exfoliating every two to three days. If you have sensitive skin, try gentle exfoliants like:

  1. lapureté’s Gentle Crème Facial Exfoliant
  2. Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator
  3. KORA Organics Exfoliating Cream

“Someone once told me to put toothpaste on a pimple as I had run out of my usual spot treatment. It definitely didn’t work for me – in fact, the whole area started burning about 30 seconds after I’d applied it. Maybe it was the particular toothpaste I used (or maybe I should have just stuck to a product that’s formulated for blemishes, not teeth)!” – bh’s Beth

“When I first started wearing eyeliner my friend told me I could use liquid eyeliner on my waterline. Needless to say it transferred straight onto my eyeball and if anything was a waste of eyeliner!” – bh’s Anna

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“My best friend (who is uber tanned) told me when we were in our early teens that baby oil would be my answer to a gorgeous, glowing tan. Quite the contrary occurred – close to third degree burns, plenty of new freckles, and a serious sit down from my parents to never expose my pale skin to UV rays like that again!” – bh’s Ally

bh tip: Fake tan is ALWAYS the safest way to tan. Try these ones, which have a colour-guide for easy application.

  1. Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse
  2. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam
  3. Australis Rapid Tan Chocolate Mousse

“While getting ready for a 21st, my friend who has quite curly hair, straightened (or attempted to straighten) her hair with an iron. It smelt HORRIBLE and she singed a whole section – right before the party!” – bh’s Astrid

“I was once told it’s okay to pick pimples – I now have a few scars on my face to prove that advice wrong!” – bh’s Aja

bh tip: If you MUST pop a pimple, here’s the right way to do it.

“The worst advice I’ve heard is to put lemon juice in your hair to make it go blonde. I used the lemon juice in a bottle that you get from the supermarket – and not only was it super sticky (duh) but my hair turned out none the blonder. My advice – stick to hair dye. It probably costs around the same!” – bh’s Yelena

“My friend and I read that bay leaves are good for brightening your teeth. So my friend took some dry bay leaves and brushed her teeth with them, but all she got was leaves cutting into her mouth and gums. It was actually funny at the time because we just read the article and immediately tried it out.” – Cherry Blossom

“My mum told me they used to use blue OMO washing powder in their hair to make it platinum blonde!” – duality

“A friend in high school was told that eggs make great hair conditioner. Just crack an egg on your head, massage it into your hair, leave it for a bit and then shower off. Whoever told her the advice forgot to mention the temperature of the shower water. She was picking cooked egg out of her hair for weeks!” – Seezora

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“I was told by an aunt when I got my period to scrub my face with my first ever soiled undies so I would never ever have pimples! I found it disgusting, but acne runs in the family so [I] still decided to have a go. I washed my undies in a little bit of water and then patted my cheeks just the once. Needless to say, it didn’t work!” – ya_mia

And she wasn’t the only one who had heard this beauty advice… Ms Sparkles said:

“OMG… I wonder if this is a Filipino folklore/superstition type of story. Our health teacher in second year said the same thing (but you’re supposed to do it every month apparently) and my friend at another school had a teacher tell her class that too! I’ve never tried it… I was always intrigued about the logic and if it worked. My health teacher had nice skin haha.”

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This was way too intriguing for us to simply let slip by, so we did some digging and found among a string of perhaps not-so-reliable sources that it apparently IS an old superstition from the Phillipines. It was said that if you took the first blood from your menstrual cycle and rubbed it on your face, you would then be spared from any teenage acne. MIND-BLOWING.

Have you fallen victim to any bad beauty advice?

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