7 signs it’s time to replace your make-up

7 signs it’s time to replace your make-up

Still holding onto that cola-flavoured lip gloss you got in a lolly bag at a high school party? It might be time to replace your make-up. If you’re not still harbouring said lip gloss but do question whether you’re pushing your make-up past its use-by-date, we’ve got you covered. Answer ‘yes’ to any of the below and we give you permission to treat yourself to a few new goodies. 

Have you had it forever?

If you’ve had it for over two years, it’s time to hit the shops. Some products last longer than others, but once you hit the two-year mark, it definitely needs to go. Follow this as a general guide:

Mascara – Three months
Liquid foundation – Six months to a year
Nail polish – One to two years
Powder, eyeshadow and blush – Two years
Lipstick – Two years

Do you ration certain products?

You know your favourite product is on its last legs when you use less and less of it every time you apply it. For example, if you’re using half the usual amount of foundation, it’s time to bite the bullet and replace. After all, you always want to put your best face forward.

Can you do your make-up with your eyes closed?

Has your make-up routine become second nature? Do you rock the same look day-in, day-out? Can you apply it without even looking in the mirror? It’s time to spruce things up. Get out of your make-up rut and try something new, like a tangerine lip. Ooh la la.

Has the texture changed?

If your mascara is clumping, your eyeliner no longer glides on smoothly or your foundation has started to separate, then yes, you need to hit the make-up aisle – ASAP! Any change in texture, colour or smell is a big indication that you need to throw the product straight in the bin.

Have you had an eye infection?

Eye infections are highly contagious, so any eye make-up used while you’ve had one needs to be replaced. Old make-up that is way past its use-by date can actually cause eye infections, so make sure you stay on top of your make-up bag. When your mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow starts to crumble, chuck it out.

Is your skin irritated?

As make-up reaches its expiration date, its chemical composition changes and this can lead to nasty skin irritations. Look out for any change in texture, colour or smell to prevent this from happening. And if you find your skin is becoming more irritated with every make-up application, switch it up. It’s a good excuse to go shopping! 

Is the inside of your make-up bag a hot mess?

If your make-up bag holds more product than the containers themselves, and you have to dig around for a good minute before you can find what you’re after, it’s probably time to start fresh. Nobody likes a make-up explosion.

Did you answer yes to any of the above? How often do you replace your make-up?

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