What would you change?

What would you change?

Though here at bh we’re all about working with what you’ve got – and accentuating the parts of you that you the love most, there’s no denying that there are a few things we’d like to change – if we could.

I’m not talking about going under the knife (although that is up to the individual), I’m talking about little issues that tend to drive us a little bit batty when it comes to our everyday grooming. I know I have a few pesky issues I can’t seem to get over either. Some may call them trivial – but I call them a gigantic pain in the you-know-where.

So, beauties, I ask you – what are the beauty dilemmas you find yourself faced with? Issues you need a solution to, like yesterday. I’ll share a few of mine with you – in the hope that they’ll inspire you to address those pesky problems that plague you.

BEAUTY BUGBEAR #1: my nose gets a little sweaty, okay a lot sweaty.

I don’t know how to explain it, but every time my heart rate rises, even just a little, my body responds by cooling down… my nose? Yeah, it’s a serious pain in the neck. I have to constantly be on blotting alert, and people think I’ve just been on a vigorous run when I haven’t. It drives me batty, or it did. I have since discovered a solution to my sweaty symptoms, it’s Invisible Zinc IZ™ Staying Powder and it works to mattify your face, so sneaky sweat beads don’t show through, even in hotter temperatures. 

BEAUTY BUGBEAR #2: my eyes are a little on the small side.

Which makes any kind of smoky eye a little difficult, let me tell you. I battle my eyeshadow woes by sticking to lighter shades around the middle of my eyelid, and using minimal liner around my eyes. Taking darker shades right up to my brow bone can make my eyes look teeny, so I only ever take them to the crease and the outer corner of my eye, while allowing the lighter eyeshadow shade to creep up to my brow bone. Finish with a white eyeliner on your bottom water line and over the inner corner. We love Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Pure White because it’s an instant eye opener. All puns intended.

BEAUTY BUGBEAR #3: my cheekbones are very good at hiding.

Okay, so maybe it’s not so much that they hide, rather that they’re just not all that high. Bummer! The good thing about this bugbear is that it’s easily rectified. Bronzer is a fantastic face-defining tool. It can be used to sculpt and define your cheekbones in one fell swoop, and if it ‘looks’ as though your cheekbones are sky high, then that’s just as good as being born with Giselle-style definition. Seriously, it is! 

Check out my video on how to achieve really, really high cheekbones…

What would you change, if you could change one thing?

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