What to wear with foundation

What to wear with foundation

You may have mastered the art of picking the right foundation and applying it like a pro to create that natural, flawless finish, but there’s one essential step you may be missing – and it could take your make-up look to a totally new level. For most of you, it’s not really news to hear that applying primer before your foundation can do wonders for your complexion, but for the uninformed, allow us to explain why you’ll want to add this step to your make-up routine. And for those who already know but don’t do, perhaps this can serve as a reminder. Plus, as technologies develop and clever scientists make new discoveries, primers are changing all the time, so it pays to know about the latest advancements. For example, certain primers have been formulated to go above and beyond smoothing your skin and extending the wear of your foundation, which is brilliant news for you.


A primer essentially works to smooth your complexion and leaves your skin ready for the easiest foundation application ever. Primers can also help pull double-duty to ensure that your complexion looks exactly like you want it to by minimising those things that annoy you – like an oily T-zone or pores and blemishes. Rimmel London’s Fix & Protect Primer will help keep that shine at bay by mattifying your skin for up to seven hours. Hello, slick-free work day!Plus, it contains light-diffusing ingredients that work to instantly blur blemishes and smooth out imperfections 


Besides building a solid base for your foundation, primers also help that finish last longer so your make-up won’t look tired or uneven by the end of the day. 


Primer and foundation work together brilliantly as a team to enhance and perfect your complexion. Just make sure to give your primer some time to set for a few minutes before applying your foundation. So, let’s say you start with the Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer, and go on to apply your foundation. The lightweight, moisturising formula absorbs quickly to moisturise skin and protect it from dehydration, but it also immediately gives you extra hours of that flawless finish.bh tip: Pair it with Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation with SPF 20. It’s been formulated with wonder-tone technology to ensure that, as the name suggests, the colour match is perfect. It also offers sun protection and a 24-hour moisturising complex (as well as vitamin E) to ensure your skin is hydrated all day long. And added to these things, soft focus powders work to blur pores and leave your skin looking as smooth as it does flawless.


Rimmel London Fix & Protect Primer has been formulated to protect your skin not only from pollution, but also from the sun’s harmful UV rays, thanks to its SPF 25. It’s almost like the primer creates an invisible barrier around your skin, shielding your face. 
Do you use primer? Did you realise it could do so much for your skin and complexion?

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