The lowdown on tubing mascaras

The lowdown on tubing mascaras

Mascara is mascara, right? Well, kind of. 

While on the outside, most mascaras look pretty similar, a few advancements in the last few years have taken mascaras to the next level. An example is fibre lash mascara, which contains teeny tiny fibres that adhere to your lashes to give them an almost false lash effect. 

And then there’s tubing mascara, which essentially creates a tube around your lashes instead of coating them. 

For those who haven’t heard of or tried a tubing mascara, that concept might be a little hard to wrap your head around (it took me a while to catch on at first), so here’s the lowdown on what it is, how to apply it, how to remove it, and which brands to try. 

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What is tubing mascara?

Regular mascara coats pigment on your lashes, whereas tubing mascara contains flexible polymers that actually wrap themselves around each of your lashes, ensuring that each lash has 360-degree coverage.

How do I apply tubing mascara?

Thankfully, you don’t need to know or use any fancy techniques. Apply tubing mascara exactly as you would regular mascara – starting from the base of your lashes and zig-zagging the wand back and forth as you work it up to the tips of your lashes. The polymer formula will do the hard tubing work for you! You can apply a few coats to enhance the effect and give your lashes that extra oomph without clumping. 

How do I remove tubing mascara?

Don’t worry about pulling out the eye make-up remover and stacks of cotton pads. All you need is some warm water and your fingertips. With a little water, the tubes around your lashes will slide right off – no mess, no fuss. So, simply rinse your face with warm water (ensuring you cover your eyes, too), then close your eyes and use your fingertips to gently drag the mascara off your lashes. You’ll be left with a weird black gooey tube in your hands and zero pigment on your lashes. Quick, easy and clean!

What are the benefits of using tubing mascara?

If you’re prone to oily lids, teary tantrums or sweaty gym sessions, you will love the durability of tubing mascara. Once the tube has dried on your lash, no amount of sweat, tears or water is going to make that formula smudge. As mentioned just above, you need to actually pull off the mascara once your lashes have come into contact with water. And even then, there won’t be a black smear or smudge in sight.  

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