We test four all-natural lipstick shades

We test four all-natural lipstick shades

If you’re thinking about transitioning to a cleaner beauty routine, making the switch to a chemical-free lipstick is a good place to start. And with so many all-natural makeup brands available, you’re sure to find toxic-free alternatives for all of your favorite lip shades. But although some all-natural brands swear that their products offer the same results as your current lipstick collection – you might find that you end up with more of a balm than a pop of colour.

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So, we put one of our favourite all-natural lipstick brand’s to the test, to see if the lipstick could compete with regular lipstick formulations. bh’s Sophie picked four shades from the Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick range, and tried each one on to see how pigmented the colours really were.

To find out what our makeup editor thought of the Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick collection, watch the video above.

bh’s Sophie tested the Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick in Violet Mousse, Coral Dawn, Rymba Rhythm and Poppy Passion.

Have you tried any Karen Murrell lipsticks? What was your favourite shade from the video?

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