What on earth is a beat face? We reveal the meaning

What on earth is a beat face? We reveal the meaning

You know you’re getting old when you have to google the definition of a slang term. To keep you ahead of the game (and decipher what your teenage kids are on about), we thought we’d share one we’ve been hearing a lot of lately in the beauty world: ‘beat face’.

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Urban Dictionary defines the term as:

“When the make up applied to a person’s face is so powerful and amazing that it makes them look truly stunning. ‘Beat’ can also be used to describe any variety of things, not just one’s face. The term is popular among makeup enthusiasts and the gay community.”

So even though it sounds more like your face should look beaten, battered and bruised, it’s actually quite the opposite

According to makeup artist Tatiana Ward, the term has been around since the 70’s.

“It’s a term that became popular in drag culture, and I really don’t know why people would say that a face was ‘beat,’ but that phrase has been around for a long time.”

There you have it – the next time your makeup is looking #flawless, you’ve got yourself a ‘beat face’!

Had you heard the term ‘beat face’ before? What slang terms have you had to google?

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