Warm weather worries

Warm weather worries

With the warmer weather comes an inevitable shift in our routines. Rosy blush makes way for brighter corals, plum varnish is tossed for tangerine and super-duper hydrating moisturisers are swapped for light oil-free face-savers.  
We chatted to the experts in make-up, hair, skin and bodycare to find out why you need to change it up these summer holidays.


We spoke to qualified make-up artist Charlotte Hoye, and asked her the following:

So Charlotte, how should you change your make-up routine going into summer?

The most important change you should make coming into summer months is wearing a foundation with an added SPF (if you don’t already do this during winter). Many brands do amazing foundations and tinted moisturisers that have that extra protection that is most needed through the summer months. As the weather gets hotter many of us will be much more active and may be going to the pools or beach, I suggest a waterproof eyeliner and mascara to keep your look strong at the beach, nobody likes eyeliner running all down their face. If you’re going to be in the sun a fair bit, before you apply your lip gloss or lipstick, it’s a good idea to apply a coat of lip balm with added SPF to avoid sunburn or dryness. Lastly I recommend carrying a compact powder in your handbag just to top up on the forehead, nose and chin to avoid looking greasy.

What are some ways to stop make-up sliding off your face?

It’s a horrible feeling when you spent hours in the morning beautifying yourself to then look in the mirror at lunchtime and find all your makeup has worked its way off your face. A very important step in securing your foundation is to apply a translucent or compact powder over your base to set the foundation. Another tip is to use foundations that last for longer such as ‘Revlon’s’ Colourstay Foundation. When buying your foundation I suggest having it applied to your face and before you purchase it, wear it for a few hours and see how well it stays. Lipstick is renowned for rubbing off, the best solution is to apply a lip pencil to the lips and then apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue and add some translucent powder over the lips, then reapply your colour; this should make it last a lot longer. Lastly I suggest wearing waterproof eyeliner especially during the hot months as it may run when you sweat or get overly hot.

How do you stop that constant shiny slick on your chin and forehead?

To avoid a constant shininess on your chin, forehead and even nose I suggest applying translucent or compact powder when you first apply your foundation. If you don’t wear foundation, still apply powder to these areas and this will stop that greasy look. Make sure you have a compact powder in your shade to carry with you in your handbag, reapply whenever you get the chance to the forehead, chin and nose. Another solution is to try out ‘Oil Blotting Paper’, which will instantly absorb any oils from the face.

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