Wanted: flutter-worthy lashes

Wanted: flutter-worthy lashes

My theory is that I was behind the barn door, probably playing with a plumping lip gloss when long lashes were being handed out. I mean, they’re the furthest thing from flutter-worthy, and very voluminous? I think not.

So you can imagine my first reaction when the new Lash Stiletto Mascara from Maybelline NY landed on my desk. ‘Meh’ I thought, ‘another product that can’t possibly help my vertically challenged lashes. Well, in this gig, you have to give everything a go, otherwise how can I possibly write to you guys about it? So I did, and guess what, now I’m blogging about it – is that proof enough for you?

The difference is that Lash Stiletto strengthens and conditions with each application, which helps to keep lashes strong and healthy – not only that, as a high-heel devotee, the packaging is super cute, and looks as though it may have just been snapped off my new weekend pumps. I’m calling it the wonder-wand, or maybe it’s the fantastic formula…? Whatever it is, it’s changed the way I feel about my lashes. Gone are the stumpy sweepers and in their place are what looks like faux lashes –ah-mazing!  Hallelujah! Now I can finally view the world with perfectly framed peepers I can be proud of.

What products do you use to help you flaunt your best asset?

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