Vox pops: mother knows best

Vox pops: mother knows best

Just to prove that mum was always right, ten girls reveal the best bits of beauty advice they ever got from their mothers…

“To brush the backs of my hands under my chin in a forward motion … to prevent sagging! Oh, and if you shave your legs, the hair will always grow back thicker and coarser.” – Mel

“To put toothpaste on pimples to dry them out!” – Millie

“My mum always told me to put teaspoons in the fridge and then cover my eyes with them to reduce puffiness and bags. It’s always stopped me looking tired.” – Danielle

“My mum’s mantra was ‘always look after the skin you’re in’. Without her handy advice on never going to bed with my make-up on, using witch hazel to zap excess oil and, whatever happened, never picking my spots, I don’t know where I’d be. Well, I do – and it’s not a pretty place.” – Sarah, Bh editorial assistant

“My mum taught me to always blend when applying foundation – no one finds a ‘mask’ sexy! And that sunscreen is the most important thing to remember every day; it’s the secret to staying young!” – Olivia, Bh office administrator

“My mum always said not to straighten my curly hair. And to make sure you always moisturise after a shower. She also said to wear thick socks after moisturising your feet and to keep them on overnight to keep the skin smooth.” – Carol

“My mum used to tell me to wash my face every night before I go to bed. Nothing fancy, but still sound advice.” – Lauren

“When I was younger, I’d always sit and watch [Mum] do her mascara. When it came to me doing it, I followed what I’d seen her do all those years before.” – Ashlee

 “My mum’s words of wisdom were mostly about make-up – I guess she spotted my obsession early! She told me that if you try to paint on a face to look like someone else, you’ll never end up being anyone real at all. She passed down my granny’s homemade facemask recipes too.” – Tracey, Bh editor

 “My mother told me to put a little egg white on my face to tone the skin and tighten my pores. It sounds kind of gross, I know, but it really works!” – Annette, Bh intern

– Sarah MacraeTop left image courtesy news.bbc.co.uk 

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