The insane power of eye make-up

The insane power of eye make-up

We all know about the transformative power of make-up. We’ve seen it with Filipino TV host Paolo Ballesteros imitating celebrities time and time again. We’ve seen the way it can totally make a Halloween or fancy dress costume. And we’ve even seen how it can take a make-up free celeb from naturally radiant to bombshell.

But this…This is actually next level.


The video, created by a woman in Korea, shows her wearing a full face of make-up. Beautiful, right?

She then proceeds to take off the make-up from one half of her face, focusing on her eyes and brows. And while we understand she has to hold down the cotton pad for what feels like forever so her make-up remover can work its magic, it feels like THE LONGEST FEW SECONDS OF OUR LIVES.

Then, she wipes the area for ages (fair enough – there’s a lot of eye make-up to remove), and to add even more suspense, she holds her eyes closed for a second or two.

And then BOOM! The eye that is now make-up free looks at least two times smaller than her other eye.

 Just in case you’re thinking, “Well maybe that eye is smaller than the other one,” here’s that before shot again.

Her eyes are the.same.size.

This is the wonder of make-up. Look at that magical trickery you can create with just a few make-up shades, beauty tools and a little bit of know-how. Amazing, right? And some YouTube commenters were just as fascinated by this:

As for those who are getting all riled up about women being deceptive about their appearance, we only have this to say:

Also, can we talk about how effective that make-up remover is?! A savvy user identified it as The Face Shop Face It White Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof, which is a Korean brand not currently available in Australia. But you can try L’Oreal Paris Make-up Remover for Eyes and Lips or Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover.

Oh, and if you’re looking for some tips on how to fake bigger eyes, check out this article for 8 clever tricks.

What did you think of this make-up transformation? Are you skilled enough to create such a difference?

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