Victoria Beckham pays tribute to Posh Spice with her latest lipstick range


Before we knew her as Victoria Beckham – the oversized-sunnies wearing fashion designer, wife to soccer star David Beckham and beauty brand owner – she was the ‘90s icon, Posh Spice. 

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And while we all shed a tear when VB opted out of the Spice Girls reunion tour, it’s since become clear the door isn’t totally closed on her former popstar self, as she announced to Instagram: “Posh is back”. And this time in the form of eight nude and one red lipstick.

Image credit: Victoria Beckham Beauty

Along with the reveal of the lipstick range, Victoria shared a rare and heartfelt tribute to her former days as the pop icon; detailing exactly what Posh meant to her and why this beauty line is more personal than we may have initially perceived.

Speaking of her early days she wrote, “Posh helped me find my style, confidence and my voice”. Detailing how these formative years were influenced by beauty, she continued “lipstick has always given me confidence when I needed it and extra spice when I already had it.

“Each shade is inspired by a specific memory,” she said, adding that the collection “is an ode to our lifelong journeys of self discovery as women”.

Image credit: @victoriabeckham

The nine shade range is formulated with coconut, rosehip and avocado oil to nourish and moisturise the lips, leaving them looking full, lush and hydrated while giving us all sorts of ‘90s nostalgia.

Each lipstick will set you back roughly $52, and while they aren’t available to try on in-store in Australia – Victoria Beckham Beauty does offer international shipping, here.

 Main image credit: Victoria Beckham Beauty

Who was your favourite Spice Girl? Will you try one of these lipsticks?

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  1. Not familiar with Spice girls. Love Vic’s range, looks so elegant. Though lippy shades are not suited for my colouring (all warm and most have brown in them. I need purple and pink toned “naturals”)

  2. I am wondering why she’s using Posh is back if she’s not really back.

    I probably wouldn’t buy her products as I feel she’s trying to ride off the come back tour but she didn’t come back if th at makes sense

  3. As a child of the 90’s I absolutely loved the Spice Girls and they did influence my fashion choices (I still have my union jack tank top and if the heels did not break down I would still have my first pair of platforms – both not attributed to Posh Spice but still a Spice Girls influence there).

    I’m not surprised that they are nudes as that was the fashion back then but I would suppose that there should be some browner shades…

    There are a couple of downsides with this:
    1. Posh did not rejoin for the reunion – I suppose a conflicting schedule may have been a part of it but I believe this would suit a world tour setting.
    2 Price! I love a bargain and this is out of my usual price range. Since her brand is not an iconic and well known dependable and well trusted brand that also makes me steer clear as well.

  4. I don’t think I actually had a Spice Girls favourite but I’ve always liked Victoria after her Spice Girls days.

    I’d love to try the lipstick, and looking at the range there are three or four shades I think I could wear.

  5. Sporty Spice was the one with the best voice – she carried some of the others!

    I wouldn’t spend $52 on any lippy. I don’t wear nudes, although the darkest two shades in her range are more brown than nude. I wear red, but her one red is a bit warm.

  6. Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice) was always my favourite, even though I was never a sporty tomboy. I just thought she had the best voice out of the lot!

    I’ve had a look at the Posh lipsticks in passing, but at $52 they’re out of my price range. Besides, I have enough lipsticks.

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