Victoria Beckham’s Latest Beauty Launch Has Been Inspired By “The Most Underrated Tool In A Makeup Kit”


In case you missed Victoria Beckham’s Instagram tag #poshisback, we’re here to confirm exactly that – Posh is back.  It may not be in the way our ‘90s dreams wish (equipped with a microphone belting out some iconic tunes) but instead, in the form of a cream blush; Victoria Beckham Beauty’s ‘Cheeky Posh’ to be exact, which includes a range of five versatile cream blush sticks.

Sharing a video to her Instagram followers, Victoria explained that not only is there a shade for everyone, but there’s actually every shade for everyone. 

“My vision was to create a blush that looks and feels beautiful on everyone,” she said. “Each of the five shades has been tried and tested on countless skin tones and everyone can literally wear every single shade!”

You may not have always associated rouge with some of Victoria’s most iconic looks, but according the fashion designer, “blush is probably the most underrated tool in a makeup kit.” 

“For me it’s what pulls my whole look together and brings my complexion to life.”

Formulated with botanical actives like jojoba esters, ginseng extract and blue lotus wax, the velvety formulas are said to build a natural and dewy flush.

Her inspiration? “When I think of my muse for Cheeky Posh, it’s the effortlessly gorgeous woman who’s spent the day at the beach. ‘70s Miami Beach to be exact. She’s flushed and very glowy, waves tousled — so beautiful with her easy glamour. That is the fresh-faced flush Cheeky Posh will give you all year round,” she explains via her website. 

For each of the five Cheeky Posh shades, there is an equally cheeky backstory, too. 

Rollerskate: A vivid coral tone inspired by VB’s only daughter. “This one’s for Harper. She’ll just rollerskate into the room during a product meeting, pick her favourite shade and roll right back out. A girl who has a point of view (like her mum!)”

Knickers: A peachy nude and the current best selling shade of the range. Where did the name come from? Simple. If Victoria could only wear one thing for the rest of her life, she’d choose knickers. 

Playground: Mid-tone terracotta nude. Inspired by a family member, VB has thrown back to her childhood as she recalls her mum using her lipstick as a blush when they’d go to the playground. 

Miniskirt: A berry rose. The deepest shade of the range has been inspired by Victoria’s belief that there’s no such thing as a skirt being too short. As the website describes it, ‘Does my dress look too short? Proceeds to hike miniskirt up higher.’

Major: A neutral pink flush. For a metaphorical pat on the back, VB describes the inspiration behind this shade as “the definition of any mind-blowing accomplishment or dare: this is major.”


Looks like we’ll be adding all five to cart. 

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  1. I seldom wear blush because I’ve got a long, narrow face & reasonably high cheekbones. Wearing blush makes my face look even narrower. Sometimes, I apply some blush under my chin to make my long face appear shorter.

  2. Love the concept, and the shades look amazing. My only worry is how Victoria looked in her latest instagram video. Why has she suddenly had a whole lot of work done? All that moves is her lips. Such a shame. She was also on a recent TV segment in the US. Same thing. Sorry not meaning to be offensive but it does put me off her range…blush is great, if you have amazing. cheekbones, but hers are now enhanced

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