Your Guide To Building A Vegan Makeup Routine

vegan makeup

Navigating the world of vegan beauty can be tricky.

Sure, there are wholly vegan beauty brands you could stick to for ease, but then there’s a chance you could miss out on a truly great product you had no idea was vegan. And nobody wants that.

To help you out, we’ve put together a 100 per cent vegan makeup routine, using some of our favourite finds and brands (minus any animal-based ingredients).


Moisturiser: QV Face Moisturising Day Cream, $15.49 at Chemist Warehouse

All good makeup routines start with a hit of hydration, no matter if you’re dry, oily or both. It’s all about balancing the skin and creating a smooth canvas for your foundation. Had no idea QV’s face cream was vegan? Well now you do, go forth and slather. The gentle and non-greasy formula is ideal for sensitive skin and will keep your skin comfortable all day long.

Foundation: COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation, $20 at Woolworths

For an everyday makeup base that leaves skin glowing without breaking the bank, this supermarket find scores an A+ from us. Its lightweight formula blends easily for fresh, even coverage that lasts (but doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup).

Concealer: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer, $49 at

Like ‘Spanx for your under-eye bags,’ according to Charlotte. The luminous coverage and slightly tacky texture of this vegan concealer will hide all your sins.


Bronzer: ulta3 Contour Goals Palette, $12.95 at

Whether you’re keen on a strong contour or like a sun-kissed glow all over, ulta3’s organic (and of course, vegan) palette is rich in pigment, but blends like a dream.

Blush: Skin O2 Mineral Blush, $22 at

These little pots of mineral pigment provide cheeks with a silky, lightweight natural flush. They’re available in four skin-flattering shades that layer beautifully over any base.

Brush: Eco Tools Blending & Bronzing, $21.24 at

All of EcoTools makeup brushes are 100 per cent vegan, so you’re spoiled for choice. But if we had to choose just one, this fluffy fella is a good’n.


Eyeshadow: Nude By Nature Natural Wonders Eye Palette, $41.99 at Chemist Warehouse

This palette features 10 of the most wearable and versatile shades. From everyday peach and browns to a night time smokey eye or 80s-inspired blue, you’ll never get bored. And it just so happens to be vegan. 

Eyeliner: Mavala Switzerland Eye Liner, $29.95 at

You may already be acquainted with Mavala’s nail products, but did you know they have a selection of makeup too? The liquid eyeliner is ideal for creating thin and precise lines, plus comes in six different shades. 

Mascara: COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara, $14.39 at Chemist Warehouse

COVERGIRL’s entire range has been Leaping Bunny approved for over a year, so not only does this mascara not contain any animal products, it hasn’t been tested on them either.  

Eyebrows: NYX Professional Makeup THE BROW GLUE, $13.95 at

Whether you’ve got little to work with or full, fluffy face-framers, a clear brow gel is always a must in our makeup kits. This one has all the hold you need for a reasonable price.


Lip liner: Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Pencil Lip Liner, $30 at

Creamy and pigmented, this mineral lip liner was made to glide effortlessly across the lips. But don’t let its gentle application fool you, once it dries down it has impressive staying power.

Lip colour: Synergie Skin LipGlo, $39 at

With six shades to choose from, these vegan, cruelty-free glosses coat lips in a high-shine colour that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Image credit: @patrickta

Have you tried any of the products in this routine? Did you know they were vegan?

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  1. I’ve got vegans in my family, so I’m increasingly becoming aware of more vegan options out there. I like cruelty-free products, but I’m not particular about whether a product is vegan or not.

  2. So many wonderful well known Vegan Makeup Brands around these days, with Covergirl and Nude by Nature, it is so fabulous that Skincare Brands are thinking of Vegan and the Environment as well. To be much more Natural and Better for your Skin.

  3. So many options, and it is great to know what they are. Not being a vegan, I don’t necessarily pay attention to if a product is vegan or not but I can see some products which I already own on this list so that is nice.

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