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For the uninitiated, ‘veganuary’ is a movement where people try veganism on for size during the month of January, in order to promote and educate people about a vegan lifestyle. 

When people are considering going vegan most of the focus is on the food they’ll be consuming (or really, not consuming), but there’s a good chance many of the beauty products you use on a daily basis don’t pass the test. 

As veganism is so popular these days, loads of brands have released a few vegan products to appeal to this market. However, many believe that for a product to be truly vegan the entire brand must be on board. 

Mecca is arguably Australia’s most iconic beauty retailer, so of course they stock a truckload of vegan products, as well as  these 17 iconic (and entirely vegan) brands. 

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Bawdy Beauty

Everybody loves a good face mask, but have you ever thought that maybe your butt needs a mask of its own? Us either, but maybe we should reconsider.

Bawdy Beauty specialises in masks for your behind. Each mask comes with a cheeky message, like ‘slap it’, ‘bite it’, ‘squeeze it’ and ‘shake it’. The masks are formulated to hydrate, tone, illuminate and brighten for your best bum ever. 

Best seller: Bawdy Beauty Shake It Firming & Illuminating Butt Mask

Image credit: @bawdybeauty

by Rosie Jane

Created by makeup artist to the stars, Rosie Jane, these fragrance and body products pride themselves on smelling super-fresh. 

They’re all natural, clean and floral, and light enough to be worn by even the most fragrance-averse individuals. 

Best seller: By Rosie Jane Leila Lou Candle (, $61)

Image credit: @byrosiejane

Corpus Naturals

Finding a decent natural deodorant is usually a tough slog, with a few stinky days expected until you find the one which one works for you. 

Corpus Naturals doesn’t think anyone should have to sacrifice quality for the sake of going natural, and they’re deodorants are effective without being detrimental to your health or the environment. 

Best seller: Corpus Naturals Third Rose Natural Deodorant (, $34)

Image credit: @corpusnaturals

Elle Effect

Launched by Aussie icon, Elle Ferguson, Elle Effect tan embodies the Bondi beach babe aesthetic with it’s lightweight, buildable tan that smells like roses. 

Best seller: Elle Effect Tan Bottle (, $44.95)

Image credit: @elleeffect


100BON is a French, eco-designed, natural and affordable perfume brand that have been formulated with essential oils. 

Best seller: 100BON Davana & Vanille Bourbon EDP (, $22.00 – $102)

Image credit: @100.bon

Floral Street

London born, Floral Street (as you can probably guess) creates floral fragrances with a modern twist. The bottles are beautifully designed and super affordable, so you could always buy a couple if you can’t pick a fave. 

Best seller: Floral Street The Discovery Set (, $23)

Image credit: @floralstreet_

French Girl

French Girl is a clean beauty brand that prides themselves on being eco-conscious. 

Inspired by the timeless elegance of French girls everywhere, the range is made from organic ingredients in glass bottles and jars to help support their mission of creating a better world. 

Best seller:  French Girl Fleur De Rose – Rose Facial Polish (, $38) 


ILIA is a clean beauty brand with an ethical approach to beauty. Using organic ingredients and recyclable packaging, ILIA has created a range of skin-centric beauty products that treat with each wear. 

Best seller: ILIA Vivid Foundation, (, $67)

Image credit: @iliabeauty

Isle of Paradise

Brain child of celebrity tanner Jules Von Hep, Isle Of Paradise is far from your typical tanning brand. Focused around colour-correcting technologies, the tans are formuated to look natural no matter your skin tone.

The streak-free, glow-enhancing formula hydrates the skin and gives a long-lasting tan. 

Best seller: Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops 

Image credit: @theisleofparadise


With one of NYC’s most iconic nail artist’s behind it, JINsoon was always going to be a winner. 

A fashion week favourite, these long-wearing, high-shine polishes are beloved by celebrities and us regular people alike. 

Best seller: JINsoon Nail Lacquer 

Image credit; @jinsoon 

Kat Burki

Kat Burki makes luxe, powerful skincare. Their nutrient dense formulations have no filler, no water and no alcohol, so each product can deliver maximum potency and give instant results. 

Best seller: Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream (, $107 – $168)

Image credit: @katburki

Le Labo

Le Labo has revolutionised the perfume industry by creating a collection of bepoke personal, body and home fragrances. 

Each bottle is finished with a customised label, and each perfume has a number in the name which represents the number of notes used to create the fragrance. 

They’re pretty pricey, but if you’re in the market for a cruelty-free, luxe perfume that’s a real head turner, this could be the right one. 

Best seller: Le Labo Santal 33 (, $125 – $421)

Image credit: @lelabofragrances


Australian made from natural ingredients, LUNA BRONZE is enriched with essential oils for extra hydration every time you tan. 

Best seller: Luna Bronze Slow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser (, $27.95 – $54.95)

Image credit: @luna_bronze


Knowing firsthand what their customers want, Mecca knew their in-house range would need to be vegan.

The MECCA MAX range is full of super popular makeup and accessories that are affordable and high-quality, with hundreds of rave reviews. 

Best seller: MECCA MAX Life Proof Longwear Foundation 

Image credit: @meccamax

Merci Handy

Dreamt up in Paris, Merci Handy’s range of colourful products screams fun. Their mission is to inject a bit of silliness into everyday life, and distrupt the industry while they’re at it. 

They specialise in handbag saviours, like deodorants, face mists and hand sanitiser, so they’re perfect for injecting a bit of fun into your day-to-day life. 

Best seller: Merci Handy Chill Out Refreshing Face Mist ( $8)

Image credit: @mercihandy


A blend of Icelandic ingredients has been used to create products that give instant relief to stressed skin. 

The powerful formulas work against stress-induced breakouts, redness and sensitivity. 

Best seller: skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Image credit: @skyniceland

Summer Fridays

Instagrams favourite face mask is also vegan, what a win! This brand has become the ultimate ‘cool girl’ skin care brand, and built a cult-following since the launched in 2018. 

Best seller: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Image credit: @summerfridays

Are you doing veganuary? Main image credit: @mileycyrus

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