Your ultimate guide to foundation

Your ultimate guide to foundation

Foundation is probably the most used make-up product across the world. And, not surprisingly, the one that causes the most frustration, because if you don’t nail your base, you throw off your whole look.

So we’ve decided to help a sister out and put together a handy guide – with a special focus on picking the right shade for your skin tone (because we all know that’s harder than almost anything in this entire world).

You can also finally find out what foundation terms like ‘light-reflecting’ and ‘micro pigment’ mean, as well as the difference between finishes and types of coverage. Oh, and we also thought it would be helpful for you to know the best foundation for your skin type.

Don’t forget to watch our how-to videos, too!

What’s the best foundation tip you’ve ever picked up? What would you most like to know about foundation?

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