Trinny Woodall’s 7 Golden Rules For Good Makeup

Trinny Woodall’s 7 Golden Rules For Good Makeup

You may remember Trinny Woodall from when she was telling us What Not To Wear in the 00s —dominating our TV screens with brutally honest fashion advice and tremendous, figure-flattering transformations.

Fast forward to 2019 and Trinny has turned her eye for flattery to makeup, launching her own range, Trinny London, in the UK in October 2017. Her little pots of easy-to-wear pigments have been causing big waves in beauty, as the finger-friendly makeup flips what we thought we knew about our faces on its head.

In Australia to excitingly launch the online store in AUD, beautyheaven caught up with Trinny to learn about her unique approach beauty and her golden advice for good makeup.

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Trinny tip #1: Do less with bronzer and more with blusher

In terms of makeup overall, Trinny truly does believe that ‘less is more’. And one thing she thinks we’re all overusing? Bronzer. We are Australian after all…

“I like blusher more than bronzer”, she says. “I love how it brings out the colour of an eye, so I always tend to go more towards blusher.”

“But people who love bronzer won’t stop using it, so we have a gel that you just put on at the end as opposed to starting your face with it.”


Trinny tip #2: Adapt your look as you change

When it comes to our makeup habits, Trinny says that often “the decade in which you first discovered makeup is a decade you might stick to for a bit too long.”

“It’s that time when you need to look up and think ‘I could adapt that’ or ‘maybe I don’t need that much coverage because it makes look older’ or maybe that black eyeliner I’ve been doing for ages, which I love, is closing my eyes up.”

It’s this self awareness that Trinny says can be transformative once you realise it.

Trinny tip #3: Show off your eyes not your eyeliner

Big fans of a thick flick brace yourselves, because Trinny really wants you to stop and put down the liquid liner.

“I don’t particularly like eyeliner, I want to see the eye colour more than I want to see the product”, says Trinny. Hence why she created her own ‘eyeliner’ called Eye Shade, which gives a more natural or smokey finish (in several skin tone-flattering shades), rather than a one-size-fits-all stark black. 


Trinny tip #4: Feel your skin

A big part of the reason Trinny launched with fingers-only makeup: “I want women to get back a relationship with their skin.”

“When we use our fingers, we feel our skin”, and as a result can feel what it needs and what it doesn’t. “When we use a brush too much, we can sometimes put a lot on, which we don’t need.”

But she’s not strictly ‘fingers only’, either: “I like to use fingers on a drier skin because I really want to get the oils going”, she says. “But on an oilier skin I use a brush to really get it to sit in.” 

“And then there’s times when you’re out and about and you want to do your lips or eyes, which is much easier to use a brush to blend.” 

Trinny tip #5: Know how to use your makeup for what you look like

 The Trinny London brand was born with a Match2Me concept quite unlike any other.

“I did it because in all the years I made over women, and backstage at shows etc, we would have women and a makeup artist team, and the teams would just put the red lip of the season on anyone”, says Trinny.  “And it was like, why would you do that?”

“Why would you not look at their skin colour, eye colour and hair colour?” And that’s exactly what the Match2Me online tool does.

“We all don’t suit exactly the same things, so I like people to know to use makeup for what they look like, not just for the colour of their eyes.”


Trinny tip 6: Swap powders for cream

The whole of the Trinny London range is cream, which Trinny says was definitely on purpose.

“It’s for ease and to be able to put it on by yourself and not to worry about how it’s going to go”, she says. “You know, if you use a powder on your eyes, it’s very difficult to move it around, but with creams you can keep going. “

“It’s so much easier to touch up throughout the day too.”


Trinny tip #7: If you only try one of her products…

“Definitely BFF. Every woman should have this to introduce them to the idea of how we love skin to look.”

The Trinny London range is available at

Do you know of Trinny? Have you tried any Trinny London products?

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