5 ways to apply foundation

5 ways to apply foundation

I love watching other people do their make-up. I find it so interesting to see the order they apply products, what colours they use and the techniques they have. Not to mention the hilarious faces made when applying mascara.

But what I find the most fascinating is watching how people apply their foundation. There are so many tools and techniques that almost everyone does it differently! Here’s just five of the ways I’ve come across so far:

#1 Foundation brush

Pros: Best for applying liquid foundation. You’ll find you’re wasting less product (no residue on the fingers) and the firm but easily manipulated texture of the brush will give you a smooth finish.

How to use:  You can apply your liquid foundation straight onto the brush, or alternatively on the back of your hand, dipping the brush in. Apply using short strokes and dabbing motions to avoid forming any streaks. 

bh recommends: Revlon Foundation Brush

#2 Stippling brush

Pros: The stippling brush gives excellent, evenly spread coverage. It’s also quite the multi-tasker so you’ll find yourself using it for all sorts of make-up.

How to use: Dip the tips of the brush into your liquid or cream foundation and then (using only a small amount of pressure) dot the brush along your face, evenly distributing the foundation. Finish by going back over your now dotted complexion using circular blending motions.

bh recommends: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Stippling Brush 

#3 Beauty blender

Pros: This is ideal for those who find blending challenging as no bristles means no chance of streak lines. The shape is also specifically designed to fit the contours of the face, making those hard to reach places easier to cover.

How to use: Wet the beauty blender using water and then ring out any excess so that it expands back into shape.Dip the narrow end of the blender into your foundation and then use small dabbing motions to apply to the face. Pinch the tip of the blender in order to reach smaller areas like the creases near the nose.

bh recommends: Manicare Precision Blending Sponge

#4 Sponges

Pros: Sponges are so easily manipulated that you can reach the smallest areas of your face. Ideal for those who desire heavier coverage, as you can keep building without accidently removing.

How to use: Dip the sponge into your foundation and use small dabbing motions to apply all over the face. Avoid using strokes or wiping motions, as you’ll find you’re taking off more than you’re putting on.

bh recommends: Cosmetica Luxury Sponges

#5 Fingers

Pros: They’re attached to you, so they’re always at the ready whenever you need them. The warmth from your fingers also makes for easier blending and a flawless streak-free finish.

How to use: Apply your foundation straight to your fingers, or alternatively dip your fingers into the product. Dab the foundation all over your face and then blend from your nose outwards, using circular motions.

bh recommends: Make sure to wash your hands before and after!

Have you tried any of the application methods above? How do you prefer to apply your foundation?

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