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Bold brows are no longer just a trend – they’re here to stay. If you haven’t yet mastered the art of filling them in, (without looking like you’ve obviously drawn them on) it’s never too late to learn. There are so many new products being introduced on the beauty market too and as a result, new techniques to try. So for fuller, yet natural-looking brows – add these tricks to your arsenal:

#1 Look at your hair colour, not your brow colour

Finding the perfect shade to match your brows is just as important as choosing the right shade of foundation. Carol Mackie, Senior Artist at M.A.C, says an easy way to know which colour to use is to go one shade lighter than your natural hair colour. “Colour instantly looks darker once it’s in the brow, so this will give a more natural look and less like a stamped on brow.”

#2 Try using two shades

Brows tend to be made up of different hair colours, so using just one shade to fill them in can look one-dimensional. Carol says, “By using two shades [to fill in the brow], you can mimic the natural brow colour, creating shape and fullness.” There are palettes available to make this more convenient, like the new M.A.C Brows Are It – Brow Duo. To mix two shades together on your brush, “Simply dip into one shade and then the other and softly brush it back and forth throughout the brow,” explains Carol. “Or you can apply the lighter shade first and then add the darker one just where needed to create depth and volume.”

#3 Draw your strokes backwards

When filling in eyebrows with a pencil, you might draw little strokes in the direction of hair growth, but try reversing your technique. Carol explains, “To achieve the best effect, brush a pencil like the M.A.C Brows Are It – Big Brow Pencil, backwards through the brow [from the tail to the beginning] to add colour and texture.” You can then go over your brows with a spoolie to brush the hairs back into place or brush them up for a fuller finish.

#4 Mix and match your products

There are so many different products available to help you shape and style your brows, but there’s no rule that says you have to pick one and use only that. In fact, many make-up artists will use multiple products on the brows to get the right look. For a natural-looking brow that doesn’t look overdrawn, Carol suggests starting with a soft small brush and brow powder “to lightly fill in gaps and shape the brow first”. She says, “You can then add depth with the M.A.C Brows Are It – Veluxe Brow Liner and soft little strokes [afterwards] if you want a stronger brow.”

Personalise your brow kit

Everybody’s brows are different, meaning we all have different needs when it comes to choosing brow products. If you still haven’t found your own personal brow Holy Grail, you’ll want to check out M.A.C’s new Brows Are It! range. With more than 30 products, there’s one for every look and hair colour.  

One of our favourites is the M.A.C Brows Are It – Big Brow Pencil, which looks like a big crayon, but can actually be used on any sized brow. It’s a hybrid of both wax and powder and the sheer colour is super easy to blend for instantly volumised and fuller brows. It’s definitely going to be a winner for anyone who likes their products in stick form.

If you’re more of a palette girl, M.A.C Brows Are It – Brow Duo contains two powder shades that can be worn on their own or mixed together to suit your colouring. The palette is nice and compact too, which is handy for those of us whose make-up bags are already filled to the brim!

So not only do you now have some new techniques to try, but some new products to look out for too.

What’s your best tip for filling in brows? Had you heard of any of the techniques above before?

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