Help! People Using Lube As Makeup Primer Is The Latest Internet Craze

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We love a good beauty hack as much as the next person. Even if they’re more for entertainment purposes than genuine, helpful advice.

And we’d say the viral trend of using lubricant as primer definitely falls into the former category.

But hey, it doesn’t mean the results don’t look damn impressive and so we thought we’d ask the experts for their opinion on the matter.

The ‘technique’ itself has been used by TikToker @lukeketuhok in many makeup videos, where Durex Play Feel Lubricant ($7.49 at Chemist Warehouse) is applied to the skin before foundation.

Creator @seananthonyv then had a different take, mixing the lubricant into foundation first. 

His reason for doing so? “It makes it glide extra smooth” and “makes your base flawless and fresh,” reads the video.

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So what do the experts think of using lubricant in makeup?

“It seems a very strange happy accident that someone has come across this ‘hack’,” says Shayne Mele, Founder & CEO of FRENCHIE.

“Our lubricant was definitely not [made] for this particular purpose, as it was specifically formulated for other functions and areas.” 

And despite the fact that FRENCHIE Oh La La Love Lube ($24 at doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, Shayne still wouldn’t recommend using it as part of your makeup routine.

In fact, he strongly recommends doing research on any other lubricant product before putting it on your face.

“Some lube can contain ingredients such as propylene glycol and castor oil that can irritate your skin, cause allergic reactions, and lead to the clogging up of your pores on your face,” he explains. “[And] while not everyone is breakout-prone and may tolerate this just fine, we still wouldn’t recommend it.”

Still, there’s no doubt that @seananthonyv’s foundation looked seamless and glowing. But Claire Colclough, co-founder of sexual wellness and personal care brand Lucy Lube, says there’s a chance it wouldn’t have stayed that way.

“It’s worth noting that some water-based lubricants can dry out quickly or leave a sticky residue that people would not find enjoyable on the face,” she says.

So if you were really keen to test the theory, her advice would be to opt for a non-sticky or silicone-based lubricant. 

But also, in her opinion, “a good lubricant won’t contain any of the active ingredients that make primers work their magic.”

Main image credit: @lukeketuhok/@seananthonyv

Have you seen this trend? What kind of primer do you usually prefer?

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  1. I thought that the comment about the foundation using the lube may not last looking that way. we don’t look far ahead enough into the future to see what the impact might be. I say this and it applies to the earth to ourselves – – –

  2. I’ve never heard of this trend, BH have bought to my attention a lot of trends and weird ideas people get, if I was single and likely to be celibate for an extended period of time then It might be a way of using it up, I hate waste.

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