Turns Out Lip Liner Might Be The Secret To Nailing The Perfect Smokey Eye

Turns Out Lip Liner Might Be The Secret To Nailing The Perfect Smokey Eye

We haven’t even made a dent in 2022 and we’re already back with yet another TikTok-inspired beauty hack. We’ve seen tampons used to remove nail polish, socks that transform flat hair into bouncy curls, French manicures done with makeup sponges and now, we’ve got lip liners creating the perfect smokey eye.

The latest beauty hack that’s reinventing old techniques has been tried and tested by Aussie makeup artist Sabrina Walsh. The MUA revealed she had previously tested out using lipstick on her eyes, only to find that that’s exactly where it should stay — on the lips. “I experimented with lipsticks as eyeshadow bases first and soon realised they were difficult to set, quite oily and wouldn’t withstand a full wear-test.”

Lip liners, however, turned out to be more of a success and the preferred option due to their wide range of neutral colours; ideal for when Sabrina was opting for “lighter, more natural makeup looks”. Case and point? The peachy, bronzey smokey eye she created in her TikTok video using Morphe’s Lip Colour in the shade ‘Vibes’ ($5, Morphe).

So what’s the verdict on using lip liner for a smokey eye?

Well, it depends who you’re asking. Sabrina created a separate TikTok for the reasons she loves this makeup technique, which included “mapping out different eyeshadow shapes”, “[creating] a tacky base” and for one of the main reasons we even experiment with makeup in the first place, “because it’s fun.”

And while she agrees the final result looks good, makeup artist Victoria Jameson (who also had a crack at this TikTok trend) says lip liner works but only to a point. And she admittedly would still prefer a cream eyeshadow for a “similar result with longer wear.” 

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Is it safe to use lip products on our eyes?

According to opthamologist Ashley Brissette, putting items that have touched your lips near your eyes (without disinfecting them first) is a bad idea. Speaking to Allure she explained: “The mouth harbours a lot of harmful bacteria that could cause an eye infection that permanently damages the vision.” 

Yikes! Best to use a fresh lip liner then (or you know, just use eyeshadow sticks…).

Main image credit: @oliviapalmero

Have you tried this technique? If not, will you?

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  1. Burgundy makes my blue-green eyes appear greener, which I like. I used to have a burgundy eyeliner, which I loved. It’s hard to buy eyeliner in that colour, but repurposing a lip liner is a good idea – as long as I don’t mix them up.

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