3 things you didn’t know about foundation

3 things you didn’t know about foundation

As adult women, we’ve spent a few solid years playing around with make-up. And chances are, foundation is the most essential part of your ‘dolling up’ routine. So you probably think you’ve got a good handle on it, right?

Well, it may surprise you to find out these fun facts about foundation. Once you know them, the way you buy foundation could be forever changed…


Did you find your Holy Grail foundation in your twenties? Been using it ever since? Sadly, it might not actually be your HG in your thirties, forties and beyond. See, as you age, your skin changes, and it may need different things from a foundation (and the same goes for skin care). For example, you may have loved powder foundation in your youth, but it’s not the best choice a few years down the track because powder can settle into fine lines. Or you might find you need a foundation that gives you more of a ‘glow’ as you get older.

So instead of reaching for the same ol’ cover-up every day, assess where your skin’s at every few years and look for a foundation formulated to help counteract any issues and enhance your best features.


And here’s why: 1) different weather conditions affect your skin differently, and 2) your skin tone varies between summer and winter.

As a general rule of thumb, during summer, you should opt for a foundation shade that’s a touch darker (which you’ll only use once your skin is a bit sun-kissed, of course), and look for a formulation that helps to control sweat and shine. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation is a great choice as it’s not only been formulated to blend easily into skin, but it’s also sweat-, heat-, and transfer-proof for up to 25 hours.

A BB cream or tinted moisturiser is another good option for those who prefer lighter coverage during the warmer months (we’re fans of Rimmel London BB Cream Matte).

During winter, you’ll most likely need to use a foundation that’s a touch lighter than your summer shade, as hibernating indoors tends to take away that summer glow. Look for a foundation that offers nourishment and hydration to combat the cold and wind of winter and even better, contains light-reflecting particles to give your skin that radiance we all know and love (try Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation). If you prefer the lighter coverage of a BB cream, find one that boasts the same features (like Rimmel London BB Radiance).

In autumn and spring (aka the ‘in between’ seasons), you can mix your summer and winter formulations as needed.


Here’s something you know: when your foundation shade is a little too dark or a little too light, it throws off your entire make-up look. But here’s something you may not know: if you’re using a foundation that leaves a dewy finish (or contains light-reflecting particles) when you’re after a smooth, matte, velvety finish, you won’t get the desired result. On the flipside, if you want radiant, luminous skin, it’s going to look anything but when you use a foundation that works to absorb oil and shine.

Think about the level of coverage, too. If you’d prefer a base that’s natural and quite sheer, skip foundation and opt for a BB cream instead. Or conversely, if you need more coverage, pick a foundation that offers more coverage.

The golden rule? Consider what you want from a foundation, then hit the beauty aisle!
For a natural, radiant glow: light-reflecting particles, nourishing formula
For a smooth, shine-free finish: oil-absorbing particles, mattifying formula
For light, sheer coverage: BB cream
For more coverage: foundation

What do you look for in a foundation? Did you know these foundation facts?

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