The make-up marathon

The make-up marathon

Around the bh office we often ponder such absurdities as: what it would be like to live in a serum-free world (horrible), what we’d give up first, blush or bronzer (neither) and how long make-up really, really lasts if put to the test (we’re hoping forever with these tips from the bh pros)…

“Application does not have to be thick or heavy to be long-lasting, but it does need to be well applied,” says make-up artist Cassandra Rae Ferguson. “Quality products are not only longer-lasting, but the colours are more vivid, meaning you can use less and still achieve great results. To avoid tired-looking make-up, vary the texture; add some shimmery eye shadow or go for glossy lips to accompany a matte foundation.”

Napoleon Perdis says it’s a crime not to prime and we say “hear, hear”. Pop primer under your foundation to help ensure your base stays put for longer.  

“Applying powder over foundation is a must for long-wearing foundation,” says Ferguson. “Powder is more than just a finishing touch. Powder sets the foundation, providing a smooth, flawless finish and helps to prevent shine and oily patches. It also provides a strong base for blush and eye make-up to adhere to. I recommend Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish pressed powders.
Bh loves:L’Oreal Paris Ideal Balance Pressed Powder.

All this talk of shine prevention may leave you feeling a bit dull. We all want to glow, just in a glam way rather than a greasy one. Pop a dot of illuminator on cheeks and under eyes to see your way to a sparkling new year. Try: American Beauty Luminous Liquid™ All Over Face Glow. Alternatively, opt for Red Earth Illuminating Powder.

Once you’ve hit the town, don’t waste valuable dancing time in the dimly lit bathrooms touching up your powder – it will only dry your skin out resulting in that lackluster look – instead, make blotting paper your best friend. The blotting paper will shimmy with the shine allowing you to maintain a marvellous matte complexion. Try: Swisspers Blot-Off Oil Tissues.

Worried that your shadow will leave the party before you do? Make-up artist Yolanda Lukowski recommends dampening your eye colour before you apply; do this and it’ll stay put until the wee hours.

“A runny, clogged or dry mascara signals that it should be disposed of,” advises Ferguson. “Spoil yourself by replacing it with a good-quality, waterproof mascara that is also smudgeproof. These are worth the investment! I recommend Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara.”

“Lip colour always poses the biggest threat to long-lasting make-up, as it never lasts! Make use of a, preferably nude, lip pencil. These work in a similar fashion to face powder – they provide a smooth base for lip colour to adhere to, thus helping to prevent fading, smudging and bleeding. Outline the lips with the lip pencil as desired, then fill in the entire lip. Apply lipstick with a lip brush then add a light dusting of face powder to help ‘set’ the lip colour, finish by re-applying the lipstick. Doing this will delay wearing off/fading of the lipstick.”

So now you’re primped to party like it’s 1999!

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