The classic ruby red lip, now in 3D

The classic ruby red lip, now in 3D

When I was invited to the Splash swimwear show by the good guys at Ella Bache last week, the last thing I thought I’d leave there thinking about was the lipstick the models wore – I was sure my head would be swimming with visions of skimpy bikinis, or a sarong at the very least.

But when I saw the models’ fantastically accentuated ruby red lips reflecting every light as they sashayed down the runway, I couldn’t help but wonder why my own pout never looked so pronounced.

The answer? Glitter. No, not full on craft sparkles, rather pigment – the shimmery stuff that works to lift a colour and give it a whole new dimension.
Don’t know how to get the look? Well luckily, I’ve got you covered. Watch my vid to see how you can recreate a popping red lip look…

{brightcove id=603927823001}

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