Get the look: Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ make-up

Get the look: Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ make-up

Whether you like to celebrate Halloween or not, I for one couldn’t resist the opportunity to play around with some make-up and dress up as one of the baddest gals in the business: Taylor Swift. I had so much fun transforming into her ‘Catastrophe’ character from the Bad Blood music video. So much so, that I’m considering becoming a permanent red head!

Check out the video above to see exactly how I recreated the entire look, or scroll down for a quick step-by-step. Hopefully it will come in handy for your next dress up party!

Step #1 Apply sticky tape to the corner of your eyes to guide your eyeliner.

Step #2 Draw the outline of your cat eye using a felt tip eyeliner. Start from the middle of your top eyelid and follow the sticky tape up towards your eyebrow.

Step #3 From the tip of your first line, draw a second line towards the middle of your eyelid so it forms a sharp triangle.

Step #4 Apply the same eyeliner to your waterline.

Step #5 For the inner corner flick, use a soft and steady hand to draw a small line from the inner corner of your top lid, towards your nose. Then join the bottom up with your waterline.

Step #6 Finish your liner by tracing along the lash line.

Step #7 Using black eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush, fill in your eyeliner outlines, using your eye crease as a guide for applying it to your lids.

Step #8 Use a small angle brush to fill in the inner corner flicks and to go over your waterline.

Step #9 Remove the sticky tape and apply your foundation, cleaning up any eyeshadow fallout as you go.

Step #10 Apply bronzer to the contours of your cheeks to add more structure to your face.

Step #11 With your hair tied up tightly, pull on your wig and adjust until it’s sitting just right. I used a bobby pin to create the side fringe.

Step #12 Apply a dark red lipstick (I used a mixture of bright red and brown to get the right shade).


Outfit details:

Do you think I pulled off the ‘Catastrophe’ look? What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

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