How to walk the fine line between sweaty and glowy this summer

How to walk the fine line between sweaty and glowy this summer

If I were to sum up 2019’s skin care and makeup trends with one word it would be: GLOW.

Aka that ever elusive, I’m-radiating-health-with-my-fresh-and-dewy-skin look we’ve been chasing  ever since we saw Lupita Nyong’o at this year’s Oscars:

Now that sweat-season is well underway, we’ll need to shake up our routine to make sure we’re not veering from glow-town into grease-ville.

It is a very fine line between the two, so we’ve put together all the products you’ll need to sub in to make sure you’re looking your best, most radiant self all summer long. 

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A powerful primer

Primer is the key to grease-proofing your face during summer. Avoid illuminating and radiant primers at all costs, they’ll just exacerbate the issue. Mattifying primers will help deodorise your face, keeping sweat at bay. 

bh loves: L’Oréal Paris Mattifying PrimerDB Cosmetics Blur PrimerMaybelline New York Master Primer™ Pore Minimizing PrimerMaybelline New York Super Stay 24H Primer

Eyelid primer

No point spending half an hour perfecting your wing if it’s going to sweat straight off as soon as you’re out of the house. A primer specifically formulated for your eyes will stop your eyelids getting oily and help your eye makeup stay on longer. 

bh loves: Nude by Nature Perfecting Eye PrimerMary Kay® Eye PrimerMax Factor Miracle Prep Eyeshadow Primer,Elizabeth Arden Eye-Fix Primer,  Chi Chi Brightening Eye Lid Primer

Just like the hair on our heads can get a little crazy in the humidity, so can our brows. Keep them set into place, and protect them from the sweat on your face, with a brow gel. A decent brow gel should lock ’em into place for the entire day so you don’t have to worry about your brows dripping down your face. 

bh loves: DB Cosmetics Brow Power Tinted Brow Gel,  The Body Shop Brow and Lash GelArdell Brow Building Fiber GelEstée Lauder Stay-in-Place Brow GelM.A.C Brow Set 

You may be tempted to lean towards a matte foundation for the longevity, but we urge you to go for a tinted moisturiser instead. When you sweat while wearing a thick base, it looks so obvious that your skin needs to breathe. If you’re wearing something lighter, the sweat can almost blend in, making you look extra-glowy. 

bh loves:  Dream Tint® Tinted Moisturizer,  Natio Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15,  Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Sheer Tint 

Tubular mascaras are a summer-time savior. When things are dire and you’re sweating bullets, you can trust your tubular to stick where it is with no flaking or panda eyes in sight. 

bh loves: MCoBeauty XtendLashDB Cosmetics Centre Stage Mascara,Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara 

There’s nothing like a setting spray for keeping your makeup in check. Look for one that promises sweat-resistance and longevity and stay away from ones that advertise their illuminating benefits. –  they’ll just make you look greasy.

bh loves: Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (, $50), MUD Lasting Finish Make-up Setting SprayLancôme Fix It Forget It Makeup Setting SprayRevlon PhotoReady Prep, Set, Refresh™ Mist

Illuminating setting powder  

The whole point of this article is to tell you how to keep your makeup sweat-free while still looking radiant, so don’t go and ruin your efforts with a super-matte finishing powder. An illuminating finishing powder will lock everything into place and keep the glow alive. 

bh loves: Cover FX Illuminating  Setting Powder (, $35), Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (, $73). 

How do you change up your makeup routine for summer?

Main image credit: @claudianeacsu

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