Climate change

Climate change

Every year at this time something happens to my sense of style. Although usually a devotee of winter fashion (it means more clothes at once so that has to be better), not to mention the more polished hair and make-up it affords, I suddenly become obsessed with summer.

Like any good early adopter I tend to jump on the bandwagon whenever it gets a new set of tyres but the fact that my urgent longing for warm weather style coincides with some of the chilliest days of the year makes it downright cruel. I want summer. Now.

It’s currently 16 degrees outside yet I’m wondering how many coats of St Tropez Auto-Bronzant Lotion it will take before I can consider a lemon sherbet tank a wise wardrobe investment. Or exactly how much Cargo Cosmetics Bronzer I’ll need to pull off the Ginger&Smart sheer coral blouse I can see whenever I close my eyes. Yes, told you it was an obsession.

And rather than waste any more time pondering whether a structured haircut and cocoa lowlights are for me, I’m now wondering if my hair is long, blonde and wavy enough. It’s not that I want to be mistaken for a resident of Byron Bay, but I wouldn’t mind you asking if I’ve just returned from a holiday there.

As for the endless array of sandals I’ve seen winking at me from shop windows, my mind is positively spinning as it tries to pair them all with their nail polish soul mates. Deep, dusty rose meet tan leather flats as I now pronounce high-shine orange and black patent gladiators husband and wife.

Yes, it’s crazy and it’s only going to get worse. There’s jewellery, bags, belts and scarves to pair up with the new-season make-up landing in store each and every day. Maybe it’s time for a good lie down. Say, in a hammock strung between two coconut trees.

What summer hair and make-up styles are you most looking forward to? 

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