Study reveals what men really think of our make-up


There’s no doubt lots of us women love to wear heavier make-up, especially when we’re going for a special night out. But have you ever thought about why?

A study by researches at Bangor and Aberdeen Universities in the UK has shown it may be because many women mistakenly think men like it.

Female participants in the study were given “a range of best-selling foundations, lipsticks, mascaras and blushers,” and asked to apply the products as though they were getting ready for a night out.

When comparing photos of the women pre, mid-way through and post make-up application, students at Bangor University thought male observers would want the models to be wearing more make-up than female observers would.

They were wrong – the men and women preferred the same amount. And that amount was less than the models had actually applied.

At beautyheaven, we think natural-looking make-up is beautiful.

That being said, we’re all for applying make-up because it makes us feel good, not because of what men think – so won’t be giving up our special-occasion smoky eye any time soon!

How much make-up do you like to wear? Do you think about how men perceive your look?

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