The struggles of getting ready on a Friday night

The struggles of getting ready on a Friday night

Getting ready for a night out usually goes one of two ways for me. The first (and better) of the two is when everything falls into place nicely, my hair stays put, my make-up is flawless and I look better in my little black dress than ever before. The second is…well, it’s exactly what happens in the video above.

So if you too experience nights when your hair won’t co-operate, your eyeliner has a mind of its own and everything in your wardrobe seems SO wrong, I’m sure you’ll have a giggle as you watch me struggle or alternatively you can see the events unroll below.

Alright, how long do I have to get ready? 15 MINUTES!

OK, what shall we do with this face? Maybe a little contouring?

Oh dear, went too far.

Phew, fixed that right up with some hardcore blending. Now onto eyeliner…so far so good…


Bronzer, bronzer, bronzer, bronzer!

Better not forget to eat dinner…

A red lip to finish and make-up is done!

But what am I going to wear? I own nothing!

Can’t I just wear my pyjamas?

OK. This is it. This is the outfit.

Now should I wear my hair up?

Or maybe down?

Or maybe half up and half down?


There’s no time! I have to go!

WAIT! Selfie…

OK now I’m ready!

Do you relate to this video? How long do you take to get ready for a night out?

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