10 things you should stop apologising for

10 things you should stop apologising for

Are you actually sorry to the waiter who got your order wrong? Or for minding your own business when a stranger rudely bumped into you on the street?

Didn’t think so.

In an article for The New York Times, Sloane Crosley wrote about how women apologise way too often. And we reckon she’s not too far off the mark. So as women, let’s take a stand and stop apologising for the following…

1. Your body

Whether you’re big-boned, curvaceous, athletic or skinny, who cares! Every body (literally) is unique, and you don’t have to apologise for not looking like a Victoria’s Secret runway model. Learn to accept and embrace your differences, whatever they may be.

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2. Expressing your emotions

If you’re sad, cry. And if you’re angry, frustrated, stressed or happy – then don’t feel bad about showing it. There’s nothing wrong with expressing exactly how you feel. Especially when you’re upset – women often feel the need to hold back their tears, for fear of making others (especially men) feel uncomfortable, or even because they’re afraid of being perceived as weak. But let them flow, fellow beauties. We guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better when you do, and you’ll be admired a helluva lot more for the genuineness that comes with expressing how you feel. 

3. Tooting your own horn

No, you don’t have to apologise for your success. And you definitely don’t have to say sorry for feeling proud and wanting to tell the world about your achievements. If you’ve put in the effort and worked hard, then you have every right to ‘brag’ about the good things in your life. I mean, if you can’t share and celebrate these things with other people, what’s the point?

4. Taking too long to get ready

While Beyoncé “woke up like dis”, most women certainly did not. I’m guessing it takes you a hell of a lot of time and effort to paint your face and get that ‘do just right. So yes, you may take “too long” to get ready in the eyes of your significant other, but that perfectly winged cat eye is worth it in the end. Am I right or am I right?

5. Asking for what you want

At your job, when you’re out with friends or family, during sex or in life generally – asking for what you want is perfectly acceptable. I mean, if you don’t look after yourself and your needs, who will? 

6. Pampering yourself

A massage once a week, a shellac mani every fortnight, a facial once a month and a full-head of foils every two or three months – do you like to pamper yourself as much as I do? If you find yourself apologising for treating yourself on the reg, then STOP RIGHT NOW! (Thank you very much). If it makes you happy, then do it. Simple.

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7. Declining invitations

Do you apologise for turning down the latest event, party or a catch up with a long-lost friend, because you’d much prefer to stay inside, curled up in front of the TV? Don’t. Your free time is just that, free! Free for you to choose exactly what you want to do. And if you choose to relax at home with your cat, puppy, boy, or even on your own, then there should be no qualms about it – from you or from those you’re turning down. 

8. Not looking your best

“Sorry – I didn’t have any time to do my face!” – “Sorry, I haven’t washed my hair in a while” – “Sorry, I haven’t got out of my trackies – terrible, isn’t it?” Ladies, please stop apologising for those days when you just can’t be bothered. We’re never going to look our best 100 per cent of the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Plus, make-up free days can do your skin the world of difference.

9. Having an opinion

If you find yourself apologising for saying what’s on your mind, then take a step back and ask yourself – am I really sorry for expressing my opinion? No, you’re not – or at least, you shouldn’t be. As women, we have a right to say exactly what we think – without apologising for it. Power to you, beauties. 

10. Your dietary choices

Cake for breakfast? Dressing on the side? Half a packet of Tim Tams for dessert? Skinny milk with that? Who cares – it’s your body and it’s up to you to put whatever you want into it. Find a balance (between what tastes good, and what’s actually good for you) that works for your lifestyle. 

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Are you a serial apologiser? Can you think of any other things we need to stop saying sorry for? 

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