Spring racing: trackside beauty essentials


We all know it’s incredibly unlikely that the make-up we apply in the morning will last us well into the evening. Even if it does go the distance, odds are it won’t look nearly as flawless by the time the sun begins to set as it did when you started. 

So if you head out for a big day, say at the races, how do you ensure that you stay looking truly fabulous and feeling totally comfortable from the morning into the evening? It’s no easy feat, let me tell you. We girls need supplies to keep up appearances – but who wants to cart around a gym bag full of make-up and fresheners to the races? No thank you. 

That’s why we’ve picked out some of the essentials you should take with you for a day at the track. We assure you this group of glamour-inducers are all you’ll ever need in your clutch to feel like one fit filly. 

Ban blotchy make-up

Sunshine, champagne and lots of schmoozing: these elements are what make a day at the races truly enjoyable. They’re also what can cause a beauty blunder or two. Think faded foundation, muted lips and patchy skin. Not how you want to end a fabulous day, right? Why not carry acompact foundation with you? We like The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals™ Cream Compact Foundation because a sweep over your skin will make you look fresh and vibrant, rather than powdery. It also provides up to 14 hours of moisturising wear, yippee! 

Perfect your paddock pout

For your lips, try something new. Carry a few options around with you to ensure you can custom make your own lip shades throughout the day (one is just never enough, is it?) We suggest choosing ashade like Inika Mineral Lipstick in Rose Bud, and then throwing a few Inika Certified Vegan Lip Whips into your clutch to layer over the top to create your own personalised colour. We love them all, but Berry and Apricot are our favourities. 

Admire the fillies – don’t smell like them

During a long day, it’s important to ensure you always feel fresh in order to feel fabulous. To do this, there are a couple of fresheners you can take with you to the track to ensure your hygiene stays intact and you don’t feel uncomfortable. Do yourself a favour and throw Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-On into your clutch. You may think it’s a little big to cart around with you all day, but don’t you know bigger envelope clutches are so in right now? Honestly, the moment the sunshine begins to make you feel clammy is the moment you’ll thank yourself for bringing it with you. Body odour just doesn’t go with that dress, trust me. 

Stay fresh and fabulous

If you tend to feel a little less dry ‘down there’ as the day goes on, it’s a good idea to carry CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® liners in your clutch. They work to draw away moisture from your body and help you to feel clean and fresh at all times.

Are you going to be heading to the races this spring? What’s the one beauty staple you simply have to take with you?

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