How to spring clean your makeup station

How to spring clean your makeup station

Spring cleaning always makes you feel accomplished. So we think your makeup station and cosmetics should be next on your spring cleaning hit list for this spring 2018. Why? Well, fingers crossed, you’re already in the spring cleaning mindset but also, after a few months of hibernating and the impending makeup mayhem of party season – it’s the perfect time to clean everything out.

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If you’re unsure where to start your makeup station spring clean, we’ve got the ultimate checklist below…

#1 Get on top of used & out-of-date cosmetics

Hanging on to the last dried up dregs of your favourite foundation? It’s time to part ways. Just make sure to take a photo of your shade before you chuck it out!

As a beauty addict, I know just how hard it can be to keep track of all your products. (If only they all had the exact same shelf life!) So go through and check the period-after-opening symbol (that little open jar symbol on the back of each of your products) to see if you have been using it for over the number of months outlined. If you’ve gone over it – get rid of it. Always check the back of your product information, but generally, you can expect the following shelf lives for your makeup staples:

  • Mascara – two to three months
  • Foundation & concealer – two years for powders and six months for liquid
  • Lipstick – two years
  • Lipgloss – one year
  • Eye pencil – approximately one year
  • Nail polish – one to two years

And getting rid of these products doesn’t necessarily mean throwing them in the bin. Some brands have programs where you give back empty bottles or pots (like M.A.C’s Back-to-M.A.C or LUSH’s 5 Pot Program) or you can try going to a recycling program like TerraCycle.

#2 Clean your brushes

Your brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t keep them clean. Make sure you store them all upright. Not only will it keep them cleaner for longer but if you repurpose old candles or jam jars, they can make your makeup station look really cute. But you should also give ’em a good old scrub regularly. We’re guessing they’re overdue for a clean…

beautyheaven loves EcoTools Makeup Brush Shampoo and M.A.C Brush Cleanser.

#3 Get reorganised

We’re betting your makeup station got a bit (read: a lot) messy because it wasn’t organised particularly well to start with. And no judgement here, we’re also very guilty of that. But we’re hoping to pounce on our spring cleaning spirit to really organise it this time. And fingers crossed it will keep things tidier for longer. Try:

  • Popping cutlery trays into your drawers to separate products
  • Organising your cosmetics by what you use the most
  • Separating your brushes and beauty blenders into two jars –  one for clean ones and one for dirty ones.


#4 Restock the essentials

Tweezers and nail scissors are never around when you’re hunting for them, right? Well, this spring cleaning session is the perfect opportunity to fix that inevitable future-you problem.

Stock up on all of the less sexy beauty essentials that may slip your mind sometimes. Aside from nail scissors and tweezers (obvy) try restocking the following:

beautyheaven loves Garbo & Kelly Tweezers and Manicare Nail Scissors – Curved.


#5 Make it a sanctuary

We reckon a pretty makeup station is more likely to stay pretty (and tidy) for longer. Plus, if you’re applying your makeup in this place every day, why not make it a nice environment?!

  • A mirror is essential! Try the Manicare Makeup shaving mirror. It can be stood up or hanging so it’s multipurpose, pretty and super functional.
  • Make it pretty and smell good! Try the ECOYA Coconut & Elderflower Diffuser. It’s less fuss than lighting and blowing out a candle but will still make you makeup station smell (and look) delightful!

Who feels more in control already?!

Are you a fan of spring cleaning? How do you spring clean your makeup station and cosmetics?

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