The Benefits Of Choosing A Silicone-Free Primer


‘Silicone’ is one of those ingredients that pops up frequently in all kinds of beauty products, whether it be conditioner, moisturiser or makeup.

But just because it’s common, it doesn’t mean its inclusion should be overlooked when it comes to finding the right beauty buys for your routine. In fact, you may have noticed more and more products touting a ‘silicone-free’ label of late.

Case and point? Silicone-free primers. 

Want to know whether you should be making the switch and what it all means? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is silicone and why do some primers have it?

Silicone is a gel-liquid type substance derived from silica. In beauty, it’s mainly used for its occlusive properties to form a barrier-like coating on the skin or hair. This film-like coating also sums up its use in primers; it leaves behind a velvety texture, which provides a smooth layer on the skin that’s resistant to water and air. 

However, the use of silicones is largely superficial and there are no long-term benefits to the skin. In fact, when it comes to skin care and makeup, there are a few reasons some people prefer to steer clear…

Why some prefer to avoid silicones

Because of its resistance to water, silicone can be difficult to remove from the skin and doesn’t rinse away easily, meaning a double cleanse is often required for proper removal. This also means that when it is removed from the skin and heads down your sink, that it may not break down for a long time and is likely to end up in our waterways.

This hard-to-remove aspect can also lead to debris becoming trapped in pores, and acne and congestion caused as a result. If you’re prone to breakouts, it’s recommended to steer clear to avoid flare-ups. 

What are the benefits of choosing a silicone-free primer?

The good news is you can still achieve a smooth base for longer makeup wear with a silicone-free primer. And what’s even better is that the Nude by Nature primers are made with 100 per cent natural ingredients.

The Perfecting Primer Smooth and Nourish is already an award winner, with key ingredients like the vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum and vitamins A and E providing a flawless base, while also restoring freshness and helping to fight the visible signs of ageing. 

And now, the range has been extended to cater to every skin type with three new additions: Hydrate and Illuminate (ideal for normal to dry skin), Correct and Even (ideal for skin prone to redness) and Blur and Mattify (ideal for combination to oily skin).

So not only does choosing a silicone-free primer mean you’ll avoid potential congestion, breakouts and sending its residue down the sink, but by choosing a more natural option, your skin will reap better benefits too.

Did you know about silicones in primers? Which Nude by Nature primer would you be most keen to try?

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  1. thanks BH. That’s explains a lot. I’m definitely getting silicon-free next time I purchase a primer. If I wear primer 3-days in a row my skin becomes congested & breaks out big time. Now I know why.

  2. Thank You BH for letting me know what Silicone does to our Skin and the Environment. Would like to try Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer Blur and Mattify It would help blur enlarged Pores on my nose.

  3. I’m wearing the NBN Perfecting Primer Hydrate and Illuminate from the Natural Beautyty Box. Has to be one of the best primers I’ve tried. Satin finish and no silicone. Love!

  4. Knew silicones were good for my skin but didn’t realize the damage to waterways. I’m lucky enough to be on this trial and have the hydrate and illuminate one which I am so excited to try. Also may get myself the correct and even as I do get some redness. Love natural beauty month, my favourite BH event, so glad to get to participate virtually still.

  5. Owww no I didn’t know about silicones in primers, was also partly oblivious but that was a great read and I am most shocked about the potentially clogged pore and congestion. I would love to try the hydrate and illuminate also the correct and even.

  6. Good to know there are a range of products without silicone . I prefer products that are easy to remove rather that a coating that sticks on your face- It can’t be good for your skin in the long run.

  7. As much as I like this primer (I really do), there is a logical flaw in this article.

    In real fact, silicones do not clog pores. It is true that, if you are not diligent in removing makeup from skin, then silicone may cause other substance like oil to build up. However, if you are no diligent in removing makeup, then there are many substances (in addition to silicones), may directly or indirectly clog pores. So, it is unfair to single out silicone as the problem.

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