These Are The *Exact* Products In Sienna Miller’s ‘Slob’-Friendly Beauty ‘Sack’

These Are The *Exact* Products In Sienna Miller’s ‘Slob’-Friendly Beauty ‘Sack’

Sienna Miller is the epitome of a natural beauty. The stunning star often opts for a minimalist approach to all things beauty, with her focus being on showcasing her natural skin. That makes sense, too, considering her skin is stunning. TBH for that very reason, getting to find out what select products are worthy of making her beauty bag cut feels like finding a rare gem.

Sienna spoke with Harper’s Bazaar to show off her ‘true’ beauty bag reveal, and now we get to reap the benefits by adding everything to cart. She’d just finished travelling so it was a legit ‘what’s in her bag’ (imperceptible), “dirty smudges” on the bag and all. And it also featured some top-tier beauty suggestions from her daughter Marlow.

Here’s what’s in Sienna Miller’s beauty bag…

Sienna Miller Beauty Bag

Sienna Miller Skin Care

Sienna miller skin care

Described as the “French girl secret to great skin” Sienna shared the (Alexa Chung-recomended) OTC French retinol (A313 $33 at Amazon Australia) as one of her go-tos. She then uses Sarah Chapmans Vitamin C Power ($178.20 at Cult Beauty), which she undoubtedly was recommended at one of her treatment visits.

For a moment of “ritual” Sienna loves the organic, natural, Aussie-made MV Skintherapy’s Rose Hydrating Mist ($45 at MV Skintherapy). The hydrating spray is backed up with the active-packed (there are 50 jammed in there) Macrene Actives High Performance Face Cream ($344.25 at Net-A-Porter). She even supports her fellow celebs, opting for a pick from Scarlett Johansson skin care brand for her eye area. As for her other prized potions, The Outset Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream ($83.16 at Cult Beauty) is even one she confessed she’d be happy for daughter to steal (although she doesn’t have a lot of say in that one).

Sienna likes products that give her “instant efficacy” because she “gets impatient with things that take a while to work”. And if that’s not the most seriously relatable comment, we don’t know what is.

Because Sienna “feels the most beautiful after a day at the beach” with the “sandy, windy, suntanned moment” helping her to feel “relaxed and happy”, she makes sure to incorporate sun protection into her daily routine. Opting for a tinted sunscreen, she noted that she feels like she can wear it without any extra foundation on top. Her SPF50+ (“which we should all be using”) pick is the Heliocare Color Gelcream Light ($59.99 at Amazon Australia).

And though Sienna admits she feels the best with a tan, she’s all about a faux glow (a sun safe queen indeed!). As for her fave formula, she praises the powers of the Tan-Luxe Face Drops ($46.47 at Amazon Australia) for a little golden colour.

Sienna Miller Skin Treatments

With a natural skin ethos, it’s unsurprising that Sienna’s beauty bag contains plenty of skin care. And although she’s got a whole routine down pat (which we’ll go through in a sec) she’s not afraid to switch things up depending on her skin needs.

She finds that as she ages, she wants to make up for lost time by getting lots of age-defying treatments (although no Botox). She credits the likes of Morpheus and laser treatments for her youthful appearance, along with dermaplaning for a fresh, fuzz-free face.

And when she’s not reaping the rewards of in-salon treatments she’s using the “expensive but fantastic” at-home laser tool, LYMA ($2499 at LYMA). She really believes it works and loves to sit at the table enjoying the light and frequencies.

In a tongue-in-cheek way, Sienna wants to embrace and celebrate ageing or as she dubbed it “all heading south” without filler because she likes to see “people looking older and still looking like themselves”.

Sienna Miller Makeup

sienna miller makeup

In line with her ‘natural is best’ beauty philosophy, Sienna thinks people look “most beautiful without a tonne of makeup”. Known for her natural, fresh-faced beauty, she prefers the look of “natural skin”, whether that be without makeup or with makeup that enhances your natural beauty.

So, it’s pretty clear that we’re not about to see any heavy products in this portion of her beauty bag; instead, prepare for plenty of “minimalist” dewy formulas.

Letting us in on her ‘big secret’, Sienna admits she feels like her bright summer freckles fade in the winter so she chooses to draw them on with the (TikTok popular) Utan Pen ($34.21 at Utan).

Sienna credits her 11 year old daughter (and the whole age group) as being the most knowledgeable about skin care and makeup, so whenever she suggests a product, Sienna takes the advice. That’s precisely why when Marlow told her to buy the (very trendy) Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Tinted Hue Drops ($58 at MECCA) and the very “glowy, dewy, perfect (for a) young face” Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter ($70 at Charlotte Tilbury), she listened.

Keeping up her minimalist approach, Sienna once nabbed herself the Westman Atelier Lip Suede palette in ‘Les Nudes’ ($141 at MECCA). Sienna didn’t know if she needed to use the multi-shade palette individually or swirl it all together. Her choice? Swirl it across the shades and swipe over eyelids, lips and cheeks. Yep, majorly multipurpose. And when she’s not applying this across her lips, she steals her daughter’s Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm ($40 at MECCA).

Because she doesn’t wear much foundation Sienna had two concealers in her collection. The first (which she might need to pick up a new one of): Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen ($77 at Sephora). Sure, it was looking a little dried up and Sienna described it as looking like a “broom”, but it’s a formula we understand holding onto.

And hey, she also had a fresh pot of Glossier Stretch Balm Concealer ($41 at Glossier) applied with the (best gift she’s ever been given) Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer Brush ($63 at Sephora). The brush (now used to apply everything) “feels like a finger”.

Sienna Miller Haircare

Sienna Miller's fave hair product Sam McKnight cool girl texture mist

Of course, we took copious notes when it came to her haircare – Sienna Miller has been our hair icon as long as she’s probably been yours. Because her aesthetic is “slightly undone”, she feels that feels that she can be kind of lazy with “this stuff”.

Basically, she claims her signature hairstyle is “just rolled out of bed”. She even occasionally goes days without even brushing her hair (our birds nests could never). She feels like her naturally wavy hair looks better if she “lets it dry and leaves it”. But that’s not without a spritz of Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist ($52 at MECCA) for an added touch of cool-girl texture.

She described the bottle as a “”nice size for a slob with a a sack for a beauty bag”. Iconic claims really.

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Do you use any of the same products as Sienna Miller? Do you like seeing what the celebs have in their beauty bags?

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