Shadow school – hazel eyes

Shadow school – hazel eyes

It’s tricky knowing which shades of eyeshadow suit which shade of eye colour, so we enlisted the help of CoverGirl’s expert make-up artist, Katherine Conyers, to offer some words of wisdom and some product recommendations for hazel eyes.

Shades that suit:

Be bold. Conyers says that hazel eyes can stand bold shades as they easily adapt to shade variations. Other options include “dusty rose and richer pinks (these will make hazel eyes stand out), as well as brighter greens and electric blue.”

Try: CoverGirl 4Kit Eye enhancers in Stormy and CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara in Black Gold

Ones to watch:
“Rich purples and blues can make greener eyes appear muddy and dark, rather than have them standing out,” according to Conyers. If you simply must wear purple, “choose softer shades like lilac that will brighten the eye.”

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