7 signs you need to be more creative with your look

7 signs you need to be more creative with your look

Are you one of those people that knows exactly what works for you in the make-up stakes? Do you feel pretty satisfied that you’re enhancing your best features and presenting the best possible version of yourself to the world?

If you’re nodding along – then you’re either a) a certified make-up artist with inspiration coming out of her ears, or b) a great big fibber! Yep, it sounds as though you’re in what I like to call ‘beauty denial’, and if you are certain that you’re as creative with your look as can be, then you definitely won’t identify with any of the below signs, will you?

#1: you don’t know what an illuminator is

If you’re picturing a pen that highlights words on a page, then you’re definitely in need of a ‘beauty brush-up’. Illuminators have become an integral part of everyday beauty looks, with a myriad of options for different areas of your face. Achieve an all over glow with Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator, brighten your eyes with Estée Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On-Illuminator and add subtle lustre to your cheeks with MeMeMe Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator in Oyster Gold.

#2: you don’t own a beauty ‘crayon’ of any kind

Crayons, in all their thick and chunky glory are a welcome addition to the beauty realm. Slick them on your lips or slide one over your eyelids for a two-second smoky eye – the bigger, the better. We love Bobbi Brown Art Sticks for your lips and Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencils for your peepers.

#3: you thought a fishtail braid was something Rex Hunt uses

… and it’s definitely not! Fishtail braids have been made famous by celebs like Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian and are actually really easy to create, especially if you have the right tools. Try Lady Jayne Fishtail Braid extension or Scunci Criss Crosser Tool.

#4: you can’t see what brand your mascara is

Okay this isn’t only a little embarrassing; it’s also a health hazard! You should be changing your mascara every three months to avoid contracting an eye infection, so most definitely before any branding wears off.

#5: the condition of your skin never changes

This may sound like a funny one, but unless you have picture perfect skin, no change in your complexion over time can signal that your skin has become immune to the products you’re using to treat your biggest concerns and are no longer effective. If you’ve been using the same products for longer than you can remember, my advice is to visit a skin clinic or spa and get advice on what kind of products you should be using to deal with your current skin and ageing concerns.

#6: you can’t remember the last time you bought a new lipstick

A new season calls for a new lip shade; not only to give your look a little variation, but also to ensure you’re experimenting with colour and evolving your look. Wearing the same lipstick day in day out effectively backs you into a beauty black hole, where you never delight any of the people around you; and have very little means to express yourself through your look. If you’re not sure which shades will suit you why not buy a lip palette and play around with shades before committing to buying whole lipsticks? We recommend Designer Brands Glam Palette as it contains eyeshadows and four show-stopping lip hues.

#7:  you think you have to choose between bronzer and blush

If you find yourself trying to follow strict beauty rules each day, relax! You don’t always have to follow the rules; after all, they were made to be broken. Why not try combining bronzer and blush to ensure your cheeks look sculpted, defined and gloriously rosy? We recommend trying Guerlain Terracotta Star Sun Powder ($96, 02 9695 5678), as it contains a universally flattering terracotta bronze hue as well as rosy pink and cool coral shades with a heart of gold.

Are you guilty of being in a style rut? Are you keen to update your look? Which product would you most like to try?

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