You review: tinted moisturisers for summer

You review: tinted moisturisers for summer

Check out the best of the bunch as reviewed by your fellow beautyheaven members and share your own favourite product finds below…

True All Day Moisture SPF30+ Tinted, $50
This is great because it feels like a light moisturiser but is a heavy duty sunscreen at the same time. It gives me just enough colour to make my face look fresh without looking made up, but when a blemish rears its ugly head, I need to apply concealer first. It’s more than I’d usually pay for a moisturiser, I guess, but when I think what I’d spend on a moisturiser, separate sunscreen and sheer foundation, it’s actually the better choice for my budget. It’s the one thing I’d take with me on holiday if I was seriously saving on suitcase space!

 – Amy, 26
Ultraceuticals Antioxidant Daily Moisturiser SPF30+ Tinted, $60
This is what you call a smart skin cream: it’s an antioxidant treatment, moisturiser, chemical and physical sunscreen and light-reflecting tint all in one application. I’m doing my best to hold back the years and because daily doses of sunscreen and antioxidants are my best bet, this is the perfect tinted moisturiser for me. The natural colour is very light, but I prefer not to wear heavy foundation during the day anyway, especially in summer. – Gina, 32
Nivea Visage Young Be Beautiful! Tinted Moisturiser, $9.95
At first I thought this would be too dark for my face, but it actually looks just like my natural skin when blended in. I love that it’s oil-free and doesn’t make me worry about breaking out or getting all greasy but it’s still moisturising enough to deal with the dry patches I have on my chin and around my nose. It’s perfect for the beach or the gym because it’s light, fast to apply and feels like it lets your skin breathe. I wish it covered my pimples a little more though, and if it had a higher SPF I wouldn’t have to wear sunscreen as well.- Rachel, 19
Dermalogica Sheer Tint Redness Relief SPF15, $75.50
Hallelujah for a moisturiser that doesn’t only avoid flare ups but helps disguise the redness of my so, so sensitive skin. I love that it has a gentle sun protection factor (some sunscreens sting my face) and actually works to soothe inflammation and nourish as well as making my skin tone look more even. The green colour helps tone down redness and, because the tint comes from earth minerals, it doesn’t end up making flare ups worse like most concealers I’ve tried. If you’ve got reactive, red skin, give it a go!- Sandi, 36
Cosmedicine Honest Face Skin Tint & Treatment SPF20, $55
This formula is a bit thicker than most tinted moisturisers and it provides more durable coverage than I expected. Foundation often highlights the dryness and flakiness of my skin, but because this one contains intense moisture as well as a base, this formula solved that annoying little problem! When I wear this, my face feels comfortable and smooth all day and I love that I can reapply it for after-work drinks without feeling like I’m wearing a mask. A little goes a really long way plus I’m impressed that it includes SPF20 along with the other benefits, making it easy to wear sun protection every single day (I tend to forget – oops!).- Kelly, 25
Covergirl Smoothers Tinted Moisturiser SPF15, $15.95
My sister has acne and thought this might be making her break out, so she gave it to me. Yay, because I love it! It literally traps moisture inside my dry skin so I don’t dehydrate in air conditioning (amazing!) and gives a fresh-faced, natural level of coverage. It doesn’t hide all my sins – I’d need a full on foundation for that – but it’s great to wear on the weekend when you don’t want to look like you’re wearing make-up. – Nicole, 24
Dove Protective Tinted Moisturisers SPF15, $8.99
What a great buy for babe on a budget as tight as mine! I can’t go a day without moisturiser (well, no-one should, should they?!) and this one delivers the hydration I need with the glow that I crave. I feel naked without at least some coverage, and this is just enough to make me presentable without feeling too heavy on a hot day. – Sam, 23

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