Mix and match

Mix and match

I’ve always been a mixer and matcher. No I don’t mean orange lippy and blue eyeshadow (but hey, whatever floats your boat). What I do mean is mixing it up price wise. Treating yourself to a gloriously opulent beauty treat, safe in the knowledge that you can justify your splurge because you’ve also scooped bountiful bargains along the way.

My mix and match hall of fame:

La Prairie Midnight Rain
I know, I know, at $275, it’s an indulgence indeed (and definitely something that I hid the docket for as soon as I got home) but I fell in love with it as soon as I smelt it and Marilyn Monroe did teach us the importance of a good fragrance. Really, if we took her lead and wore nothing in bed but fragrance there would be a lot of pj/underwear money saved. Justification over.

Face of Australia Face Palette
This all-in-one beauty is economical and elegant. Working your face, cheeks and eyes (the shimmery pinks also look great under a clear gloss on lips) this mirrored compact is a must for every handbag.

Crème de la Mer
Okay, I know what you’re all thinking, $250 on a face cream, am I insane? No, of course not (well a little, but that has nothing to do with face cream). The Miracle Broth really is a miracle. And with celeb fans that are rumoured to include Posh, Halle and Kiera, I’m sold.

Ulta3 Nail Polish
I simply cannot say enough nice things about this nail polish. It’s cheap as chips (yet chip it doesn’t), comes in every possible colour a girl could want and at just $2 you’d be crazy not to at least try it.

Mixing a costly cosmetic with a glam goodie that’s going for a song is the perfect way to justify the slightly pricey (but oh-so-worth-it) product. And as if you needed anymore convincing, in a time when “credit crunch” is the saying du jour and markets are plummeting left, right and centre, you can be assured that a verging-on-expensive product is one investment that won’t let you down.

What’s on your mix and match wish list?

p.s. Struggling for ideas? Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow as we make Thursday the new Monday (without the blues). See you then!

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