RMS founder Rose-Marie Swift on how to create a fresh and natural glow


Former makeup artist and founder of arguably the chicest clean beauty brand in the game, Rose-Marie Swift has plenty of glowing skin tricks up her sleeves.

After working on the Victoria’s Secret show for years, Swift describes how she would often apply jojoba oil to the model’s bodies backstage, however she could never quite get the skin on the face to match this ‘lit from within’ glow. Until now.

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Speaking on Goop’s Goop: The Beauty Closetpodcast, Rose-Marie recently revealed exactly how she achieves her signature glowy and natural look today, using minimal, multi-use products.  

#1 Only apply foundation where needed

Rose-Marie says if you have good skin, there’s not point covering it all up.  Just apply and build up your foundation coverage in areas that need it, like dark spots or blemishes. She of course tends to use RMS “Un” Cover-Up ($58, Mecca), to do this. 


#2 Use the same tint for lip and cheek

Start by adding a healthy flush to the apples of the cheek, then use any remaining tint on your finger to apply to the lips. Sheer, subtle and sensational.

#3 Let there be light

Apply a cream or liquid highlight to the tops of the cheekbone, nose and inner eye corner for an extra glowy and dewy finish. Rose-Marie uses RMS Living Luminizer ($61, Mecca) but bh also lovesNude by Nature Beach Glow Liquid Highlighter and Estée Lauder Double Wear Highlighting Cushion Stick.

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Have you tried any of the RMS Beauty products? What do you think of Rose-Marie’s quick 3-step routine?

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  1. Have always wanted to try RMS. With highlighter, go easy with it and try not to use on lines or wrinkles. Always apply in natural or bright light. Otherwise go for it. I’m 54 and and ex makeup artist, I use it everyday. Makes such a difference to the skin.

  2. I don’t own any RMS products, but I have tried them on in Mecca. They are gorgeous. I often do something similar to Rose-Marie’s quick 3 step routine. Usually in the car when hubby is telling me…..c’mon Rose we need to get going…..I use a stick or cream eyeshadow, mascara (save that one for when we are stopped at traffic lights!) the foundation trick similar to Rose-Marie’s or a light dusting of mineral foundation, blush and lips, highlighter, doneski! Best product for the job is the double end Mecca brand blush and highlighter duo. It’s amazing. A must have.

  3. IMO you need to have healthy skin and good texture to begin with. Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin though. I noticed that good skin + light make-up always has its own natural glow which looks better to me personally than highlighter.

  4. I think the advice of applying foundation only where it’s needed is only for people with amazing skin. Mine needs at least a bb or cc cream to even out the skin tone then I build up over blemishes

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